Church Pews

What does religion have to do with it?

For too long, art has tried to flourish without exploring questions of faith—and faith has attempted to flourish without connecting humanity’s creative drive to its source: the great Creator. We want to thread the needle and hold space for artists and art appreciators to openly explore faith in the context of art and art in the context of faith. 

looking at a painting

Art Appreciation for Everybody—Halim Flowers, “4 Black Girls & 1 Klansman Connected to the Same Cross”

What do we do with art that does not seem, at first glance, to line up with our personal taste and style? Art genres we are unfamiliar with are like cooking with ingredients—styles, references, ideas—that are new and different. Pulling apart some layers can help us understand and appreciate unfamiliar forms of art. This article looks at a painting through the lens of contemporary history, neo-expressionism, and conceptualism.