What are we doing and Why?

Engage Art wants to:
(1) help artists, both personally and professionally
(2) reintroduce artists and the church

To help artists personally AND professionally, we are sponsoring the Engage Art Contest, where entrants can win substantial cash prizes. In many ways, money gives people options they didn’t have before. There’s nothing like a little extra cash in your pocket to make both your professional and personal life better!

To help artists professionally—and to help them in the contest—we provide a variety of art education resources. We are also planning a mentorship program by successful and high-level artists and art business people. In addition, distinguished entrants will earn a page in our online gallery and enjoy ongoing promotion.

The Engage Art App is the principal way we intend to help artists (and anybody else!) personally. It is focused on Scripture engagement, encouragement, and exclusive content. It turns out that being engaged in Scripture makes your life better. Seriously. Each person gets to choose how often they receive notifications from the app. For life to get demonstratively better, however, four times a week is the number. Extensive international studies across cultures, geography, age and time have consistently shown:

  • Life improves for those who read Scripture “4 or more” times per week.
  • And here’s the kicker: For those who read Scripture 3 or less times per week, the studies show no significant change.

We expect that using the Engage Art App will help instill a lifelong daily Scripture reading habit. Because we want your life to be better. Seriously.

We want to reintroduce the church to the power of art. Scripture talks about art enhancing worship. For much of its history, the church has embraced art and music, in various forms. Today, we have new forms of art, including video, that permeate our societies. We think it is appropriate to use these popular vehicles to encourage people to engage with the power of God’s Word. Our contest is focused on creating 21st century art, and to make it available in appropriate ways for ministries. There will be ways to see, hear, and share this art for free. Individuals or groups will have the option of contacting the artist to purchase art or services.

We want to reintroduce artists to Scripture. Many artists feel squeamish about using Scripture as a jumping off point for their art. Some fear they’ll be lumped in with groups that they may not want to be associated with. But Scripture is a valid source of inspiration for any artist. Just survey the great art in any major museum. Think Scripture is too tame or safe for you? Please! Amazing storytelling, murder, adventure, cover ups, name calling, lust, promiscuity, suspense, and all kinds of mysterious interference in the world by heavenly and demonic beings. Satan meddling in the affairs of men is the subject of our contest, The Spiritual Battle, the battle between good and evil.

Regularly engaging with Scripture is at least a two-fer for artists. Not only can it be inspiration on steroids, but it is a sure-fire way to make their lives better. In addition, by using Scripture as source material, artists open up new markets for themselves, and may even find a church that is a welcome respite and spiritual home.