Ann Celine Storking


Ann Celine Storking


I am A self-taught South African artist and I believe that art is ultimately about people. A building uninhabited serves no purpose - just as art serves no purpose hidden. I seek to portray scenes with beauty and appeal that, at a glance, arrests, and is profound enough to hold the eye and deep enough to have you lost. You must exit the realm of my artwork with a personal experience, because what is art if it doesn't connect. Art is a timeless marvel that possesses the power to invoke emotion and change a person. If what I create could make people realise the beauty of life, the world could become a better place to live in - giving reason and meaning to life because a life with purpose is well lived and a life well lived makes a difference. My inspirations come from architecture, nature, the ‘Old Masters’, The Word, the past, present, and imagined future. The world is vast and changing and I am open to learning, growing and finding my voice as an artist and individual, therefore I do not limit myself to a specific medium or style. I started drawing with graphite pencils and colour pencils but as I evolve so do the mediums I use. I have done acrylic paintings, scribble art, pastel portraits, liquid art and continue to explore because one can never stop learning. The medium of the artwork can add a lot to the mood it conveys, therefore I continue to explore so I can grow as an artist and make a lasting impact on the beholders of my work.

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