Jacek Cisło


Jacek Cisło


My photographic path begins in the 1980s, when the situation in Poland was difficult. The shops lacked everything. You had to strive hard for everything. It was the same with photography. While there were plenty of photographic topics, it was worse with access to good photographic plates and photographic chemistry. Black and white photographic prints dominated, because the color was too expensive. This does not mean that the photos from that time are boring and uninteresting. The people of Poland survived these hard times of communism thanks to their deep faith and trust in God. It was then that my parents gave me my first camera that started it all. It is worth noting that in those days, the purchase of a camera was associated with waiting in a long line to the store from the night hours. My grandfather's old album illuminated my photographic path even more. Even as a child, I loved photographing my relatives and schoolmates. It all decided that I connected my career with photography. However, in my photos you will not find crowds and big city bustle. nce I am convinced that the Lord can be heard in silence ... In my life I am guided by a certain life truth: "let's hurry to love people, because they leave so quickly". I am the owner of the Blue Ribbon's FIAP (The International Federation of Photographic Art). The only photographic organization recognized and represented by UNESCO

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