jibril hammond


jibril hammond


I found my love for art when I was young but lost touch because of school and sports. But it came back full circle during the winter of my freshman year where I picked up painting first as a hobby, which soon turned into a dream of mine to change the world with my art. It’s funny how God has crept into my art work subconsciously and is becoming even bigger in my life right now. In these 2 pieces, struggle with the inner self and outer forces specifically relates to Ephesians because there is so much out there to be tempted into, but to find your stronghold in God and to go to Him with your doubts, worries, and troubles is where you find true strength. In my piece, “something so familiar”, where the devil is creeping towards the cross, it is not only representing Jesus, but how we all have to carry our crosses with us but it’s so easy not to. I don’t see myself as the devil, nor do I want the viewers to, but to see brokenness in humanity in which carrying ones cross and still trying to walk like God is honorable.

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