Marla Clinesmith


Marla Clinesmith


I am always surprised at what God has up His sleeve! He has quite a sense of humor. I never envisioned myself to be at this point in my life and actually find it rather absurd. Early on, one of my college art professors, a color theorist, had a strong influence on my work. My mind stirs with colors used by masters such as Matisse and Van Gogh. I developed a healthy respect for color and it is the primary expression in my work. After college, I left creating art on the back burner as I raised a family, went to work, and as I like to say, let "life" happen. Professionally, I helped manage an art gallery specializing in 18th and 19th century European art. I loved continuing to see and learn about fine art as I worked.

Then, a funny thing happened. My relationship with the Lord intensified, and He put me on a ministry path. For 20 years I was a personal life coach working with the broken and disadvantaged. I helped people write their personal mission statements and walk out their God-given purposes. Nothing I felt qualified to do, but the Lord was gracious and led me through it.

Then, another funny thing happened. I started seeing my pastor's teachings on Paleo Hebrew pictographs in Technicolor in my mind. I sat in the pew for weeks before I finally said, “OK Lord, you must want me to do something with this.” I took the path of least resistance and opened a pack of pastels. Although I had never used pastels before, I thought they would be a quick, easy, and cheap way to test out the images. But, as you may have guessed, it was a “God” thing for me. God was changing my path. That was five years ago, and since then I have completed over 50 pieces in this genre in a variety of mediums.

Drawing on my own coaching experience, I wrote a new personal mission statement: To influence people in their faith by sharing spiritual concepts in creative and irresistible ways. The Paleo Hebrew pictographs provide the vehicle for me to share new spiritual ideas. Never in my wildest dreams would this have been the direction I would have chosen. It hasn’t been easy because very few people are aware of the Paleo Hebrew pictograph language. It’s hard to explain what reading Scripture from the Paleo Hebrew perspective does. Here in New Orleans one of our famous chefs has a catch phrase he uses when he spices up a dish…”BAM, kick it up a notch!!” I know it’s funny, but that is exactly what the Paleo Hebrew does for my understanding of the Word of God. So, I invite you to view the messages in my art with the idea of BAM, kick it up a notch!

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