rakhi sapra


rakhi sapra


RAKHI SAPRA ▪ A competent and hardworking artist who is able to come up with a range of original ideas and fascinations through various artistic mediums. I am a passionate new artist seeking opportunity to exhibit my paintings. ▪ I have produced a collection of art paintings depicting the dusk, dawn and flora themes and have long list of qualifications and ability to use painting, drawing, yarn and other forms to create art for either sale or exhibition. ▪ Participant in multiple art exhibitions in school days and possess a strong sense of artistry and forward thinking that is consistently displayed across all art pieces EXPERIENCE ▪ Posting my painting on social networking site for long time and my painting has been well appreciated and well received. Please see attached document for some excerpts from social networking site of my painting and it’s very liked by people. ▪ Active member of an NGO organization, SGI where I actively display my paintings to all participants. My passion for art is also depicted by display of my paintings throughout my house which are well admired by visitors. ▪ Excelled and won lots of awards from Camlin Paintings Competition in school ▪ Participant in all painting school exhibits and classes. ▪ Sold 2 paintings in previous work organization to support a charity program. SKILLS ▪ Hard Skills – Oil Painting, Sketching, 3 D artwork, Water Painting, Palette Knife Painting ▪ Soft Skills – Creativity, Insight, Critical Thinking, Communication ▪ Very good communication skills and a good teammate. ▪ Hardworking and excellent with time management. ▪ Good knowledge of brush strokes, explored different style of painting on glass, canvas

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Facebook page Rakhee sapra bhugra https://m.facebook.com/Rakhi-art-for-all-103861288051707/

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