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My name is Wrudell Timothy, I am a Christian rapper from Trinidad and Tobago. I started making music while in High School and never stopped since. I was born in Trinidad but grew up with my grandparents in Montreal, Canada. Upon returning to my homeland in 2008 I started a vocal group in Trinidad called"Skevos" (Instruments of God). I am currently still a part of the group but I had some songs that I had been writing for some time that I never recorded. So in November 2019 I decided I will create a full album with all the songs that I had just sitting there. In an attempt to not distort the sound of Skevos, I decided to do the project as a solo artist because most of the songs were rap songs and we weren't necessarily a rap group. So fast forward to April 2020, I have released two songs thus far and the song that I am submitting "Step by Step" will be my third release. Due to the global pandemic my album launch date which was supposed to be in August 2020 has been postponed until further notice. My stage name is Wrudz | The Luvable Luzer, there is a whole video about the name on my YouTube channel so I will not bore you guys with the whole long explanation here :). All in all, I am a lover of Christ and I am really excited for all the plans that He continues to reveal for my life. God above everything!!

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