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Zahida Hosein-bahall


my name is Zahida. I am teacher at a Catholic high school in my country. While I may not read via apps each day, I attend morning assemblies (sometimes plan them), mass and assist students religiously as a Religious Knowledge/Ethics teacher. As a past pupil of the institution, I had had the privilege of being taught by some of the best Christian and non-Christian teachers who have instilled in me a sense of spirituality that has guided me to this stage in my life. As an avid reader, I enjoy reading scriptures of all religions and drawing the positives from them. I love sharing that in my classroom and relating it to my field of expertise- Physics. My passion for writing and film and my desire to pursue that path has led me to enter this competition, in addition to the need to impart positivity to my students and peers. Growing up in a multi-faceted country and home, my father would often quote verses from the Bible, in trying to teach my siblings and I the light and guidance of God. As my first film attempt, I aim to become better so I can appeal more to my visual learners.

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