Creating Theme-based Films

Most filmmakers at some time in their career will be tasked with creating a film based on a specific theme or choose to pursue theme-based filmmaking on their own.

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When Creativity Comes From Conflict

Most stories start off pretty calm. Life is normal. Then there’s some conflict the main character experiences, only to overcome it and end well.

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3 Biblical Themes to Consider For Your Art

Ephesians 2:10 — “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

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Engage Art Kickoff | Carolinas – Recap

Anyone who has ever tried to make something “from scratch” knows how challenging it can be. Even starting with raw ingredients and following a recipe or a garment pattern can be a…

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How can my art get noticed?

You spend countless hours creating masterpieces and envision a time when thousands of people are inspired and motivated by your creation. We’re going to help you get there.

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6 Museums to Visit in the Carolinas

Artists thrive on inspiration. We're always scouring the web and our local communities for new ways to be motivated.

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What Makes Art?

The harmony and disharmony of the universe accost our senses, challenging us to confront our preconceived notions. After all, we were CERTAIN that the world was flat until we…

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5 Verses to Spark Your Creativity

We were made to be skillful, intelligent, and knowledgeable, to create art and use the many materials provided by our Creator to show our dedication to Him.

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Worshipping God Through Creativity

In the Bible, the first thing we ever read about God is Him creating, expressing all His power and might by creating a beautiful and magnificent world.

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