Dear Younger Me,

First, Younger Me, I want to say that you don’t know what’s in store for you. All the trials and tribulations that you will come across—it’s all a set up for a comeback. Don’t be discouraged by obstacles or the naysayers. There will be a lot of ups and downs but that is all a part of God’s plan. You will learn soon enough that His plan isn’t a straight line; it is a rollercoaster. But your faith will grow stronger and stronger, because every time you felt you were down and out, His grace breaks through like the sight of sunlight after a storm. Just hold on and trust that His plan is ultimately the best for your life.

Younger Me - Ronald Mondesir

Slowly, you will start to realize that you’re very creative. You are different from the rest of the kids coming up—not to say you’re better, but you are different because of your creativity, and you’re going to learn to apply it at a younger age than most. This is where the naysayers will come in, telling you that you can’t do art or putting you down because you’re more into the arts than sports. Your ideas are going to be different than both cultural and family expectations. To be honest, when I look back, I start to realize how grateful I am that I didn’t listen to them and kept pushing forward. It wasn’t only me pushing forward of course, it was God. One of the ways God showed up for me was the opportunities presented to me since I was in middle and high school. When you get to middle school, take the art classes. You will really excel at them and see how interesting art is in comparison to all the other courses you have to take at that time.

I know—and you’re going to find out—that the high school you attend won’t be your favorite, but it’s an example of how God spins things out to your favor if you believe in Him. In a vocational high school in the graphic design program, you’ll spend week after week with other creatives, and that will help form the foundation you need to create better things later. You won’t learn to paint there, but the things you learn by making art logos & digital art will come around again when you do start painting. Plus, you’re going to get graphic design internships—paid! — for two summers in a row and a chance to compete with other designers.

You are going to take a break from art though to experience other career options. It’s all a part of adulting. It’s important. Soon, though, you will realize that—whether it’s your job of not—the one thing that brings you inner peace and helps you visualize the gift God gave you is making art. You will start sketching, which will lead to a desire to try something different, and that leads to painting, which will feel like second nature. It will not only help you deal with everyday life and environmental stressors, but it will also give you an outlet to create your own empowered reality, and it will inspire others to be creative in their own way.

There is so much in store for you, Younger Me, but keep your eyes fixed on your beliefs and who you believe in because God will not disappoint you in the end. You gotta keep pushing through the obstacles to get the greener side.

Even when you get there, you still need to keep your guard up, because when you are blessed, the enemy doesn’t like that. Stay anchored in your faith always, and God will help you get past those rocky times.

Your Biggest Fan,

Younger Me - Ronald Mondesir