Artist bio

CREATIVE ARTIST Educator Actor, producer, director Choreographer/dancer NIFCA Award Winner 🏆 drama and dance (Barbados 🇧🇧) Singer/Songwriter- UK songwriting contest award winner Semifinal award (film) 2020-21


Amazing Love: A Tale of Triumph Through Tears

Artist Statement

A Historical drama on the life of National Heroine of Barbados 'Sarah' Ann Gill. It depicts her battle in 19th century Barbados for religious freedom.

It began as a stage play which I wrote and then adapted for screen.

How it fits into contest

It tells of the battle to overcome the forces of evil seeking to stop the Methodist faith in the period before emancipation.

'Sarah' Ann Gill fights the dark forces of the institutions which try to keep her and the Revd. Shrewsbury and others from educating and fighting for emancipation and education and upliftment of the enslaved.


Nickolaus Hurley -film director/director of photography

Heather Headley-Corbin - writer/executive producer

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