Artist bio

I was born in Panama, the son of a teacher and a video producer. Since I was little I have always liked cameras, I am the father of 3 children and everyone knows me as rowlbest. I am a worshiper of the eternal God. I love music and art. I praise God for everything he does, blessed be today and always. Dereck Rowley: A young Christian singer-songwriter, actor, and musician, he is 16 years old. Justime Rowley: Student, from a very young age likes drawing and technology Alcides Batista: friend and neighbor Alba Pitti: She is a professional nurse, Christian, wife, mother of 2 children, she loves photography. Moises Saldaña: Doctor specialist in anesthesia, Father, husband, great draftsman and bible teacher


The Code

Artist Statement

A messenger from heaven brings a message to a young athlete. While he sleeps this heavenly being takes him on a journey to the past, where he meets Paul, at the exact moment, does the writing of Ephesians 6 Upon returning from the trip the young man becomes a heavenly hacker. Sending the message of the armor of God to everyone. Some people already wake up; This is the time to wake up others. revealing the Code.

How it fits into contest

Our movie takes our main character on a journey through time, in which he meets Pablo, just as he was writing Ephesians 6. After this he decides to awaken many more people, revealing the code of this scripture.


Director: GOD CO-DIRECTOR Rowlbest Writer: Moises Rowley Supporting Cast; Kathia Pitti Editors: Moises Rowley and Dereck Rowley Costume Designer: Kathia Pitti Casting Director: Moises Rowley Dereck Rowley Music Composer: Rowlbest Actors Dereck Rowley Justime Rowley Moises Saldaña Rosemary Pitti Alcides Batista

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