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Young film maker/actor/singer/writer/film editor from the beautiful island of St. Luciain the Caribbean. My name is Berty James. I do comedy skits, drama roles, I write and perform music and am also a group leader. I aspire to be the best I can possibly be in the film industry not just locally buy globally Vernel Alcide- Hi My name is Vernel Alcide from the lovely Caribbean Island called St Lucia which holds the seneric drive through volcano. I enjoy worship and lifting my voice in praise to the creator of this universe God every time I can! I'm 30 years of age, married and a God fearing virtuous young women who lives with the view point that the joy of the Lord is my strength, has been my strength and will continue to be my strength always and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Lydia Monrose- Lydia Monrose better known as Pomsee is a young woman at the age of thirty two. Ms. Monrose currently resides at Morne, Castries, St.Lucia. She is currently a Secretary at a construction company which specializes in Upvc Products. Ms. Monrose is a loving, funny, down to earth and motivated young woman. What motivates this young woman is her passion for life and the hope that she can make herself known as a great woman who contributed to something amazing in society. In her spare time she love to read, crochet, sing and does a little acting. She loves to spend time with her daughter and cook. She is very hard working and ambitious. Her future endeavors professionally is to have a degree in the managing sector. She is currently in a small group of talented individuals who does acting for fun. The group’s goal is to enhance entertainment with laughter and a great message.


GOD is good



Artist Statement

This film was a joy to put together with my team, We all share a love for GOD so it was not difficult to come up with the idea. We want the world to hear our story and experience the true love of the MOST HIGH creator of the universe.

How it fits into contest

This video delivers an awesome message of hope, forgiveness, unconditional love of GOD and his grace and mercy towards us his children. Its a very Motivating peice. The video shows us that all our battles are not physical. There are more levels to our daily battles than just physical and sometimes all we need to do is to pray.


Berty James
Vernel Alcide
Lydia Monrose

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Transcript / Lyrics

(Phone ringing)
Berty- Hello
Sister- Hey bro
Berty- Hi Sis, how you doing?
Sister- I'm going through some really tough times right now. Really need someone to talk to.
Berty- Wow, sound serious.
Sister- Mark had an affair, and apparently he has a baby on the way. I'm so so sick right now, I don't know what to do.
Berty- Wow wow wow wow wow. I didnt know you had all that going on in your life. Why you never told me about it before?
Sister- I cannot even tell you cause he doesnt understand, Mark doesnt understand how this happened. He is suchna great guy. He is an awesome dad. He takes care of all his responsibilities. I just don't get it, I dont even understand it myself.
Berty- Do you believe that GOD can solve all your problems if you bring it to him? Do you know that?
Sister- Yes I do, yes I believe in GOD.
Berty- No matter what you are going through, you have to know that GOD us able to do and exceedingly more than you could ever imagine.
Berty- Imma call you tommorrow to find out how you doing ok? Imma check up on you and I'm gonna speak to the wife tonight because right now there she's in some prayer group and they are very powerful, very mighty. I'll have her pray for you. We gonna pray for you tonight ok. We gonna get a breakthrough for you ok?
Sister- please do, I really need it right now. Ok alright. Bye.


Berty- Mark apparently (sigh) he had a kid with somebody else.
Wife- Wow, are you kidding me?
Berty- No I'm not, he had a kid with somebody else. He got some other woman pregnant.
Wife- Oh my GOD.
Berty- And Susanne is not taking it well at all, she's very stressed about it. She called me today and that stressed me out today.
Wife- I can't imagine how Susanne is actually feeling right now.
Berty- It's not nice. It's not good at all. You know Susanne is always a lively person. That broke her down completely.
Wife- My GOD. GOD is in control.
Berty-Yes he is, yes he is, yes he is.
Wife- Everything is in his hands so it's better if we put things in his hands and try to deal with it ourselves.
Berty- Actually I told her, I was speaking to her today and I told her that we would actually pray for her tonight. Say a prayer, you know, ask GOD to strengthen her. She her the right path you know because she is very very disturbed about that. Very much disturbed.
Wife- Ok well lets do that.
Berty- We can do that now, we can do that now.
Wife- Yes!
Berty- You wanna do the honors?
Wife- Well it would be my pleasure.
Berty- Ok well go ahead.
Berty- My phone is ringing, excuse me, my phone is ringing. This was a great prayer. Hello!
Sister- Hey bro, it's me again. Sorry for calling so late but I just wanted you to know that apparently it was an error. Mark is not the baby's daddy. I don't know if you prayed for me but I feel so much better.
Berty- Are you kidding me? Wow! That's great news, that's great news. I'm very happy to hear that (repeat line)
Wow wow wow wow wow. I was so stressed out about that there but as you told that I feel so much better now. GOD is good.
Sister- We will make it work. I have forgiven Mark. Thank you so much.
Berty- Do have a good evening. We shall speak again.

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