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Marc Brayan Arreola Hernandez (English) Hello, I am Brayan Arreola, a Guatemalan who believes in the impossible even if it costs to give up your life. I was born on November 22, 1990, my mother tells me that my father was a drug addict, but I was too young to remember that, in short, he changed and that is what matters, my imperfect family made up of my father, my mother and a younger brother is loving and dedicated to God, I have always believed and I have given myself to my dreams, linking them to God's purpose for my life, who knows, maybe it is a good strategy to accomplish it , I was 24 years old believing that I was intact, that I was a success since I never smoked, used drugs or drunk alcohol, and many dreams were being fulfilled, everything was going according to plan, but you know, that's not special, I believed it, I always asked God for a good story to tell, but I realized that nobody wants to hear a perfect one, everyone wants to hear the one who has failed and has risen from failure over and over again, because we are overcomers in God, but when you are down that's difficult. I married Leslie a young woman given to God, I met her when I was 19 and she was 14, it is a beautiful story but as every story you must go through an adventure, you know that captains are formed in storms, that is what I have learned because I have had to go through several ones, I know that this storm will pass, which you might ask, the pandemic one, perhaps in other countries it is already over, but here I would say that it is in the middle, I am not an expert in that, my photography and video company began to flourish this year. weddings and events a lot, and on March 15, I remember that date and I think I will not forget it because that date was the current curfew in Guatemala, and my business fell apart, and I thought I am just succeeding, but I know that God has a plan, and a very big one, He will never give us a heavier burden which we cannot carry, but this is a very heavy one, there are days that I would like to go with him, but I know that I have to keep going, I know that my testimony is still starting and I am happy to know that I will have a great testimony to tell someday, you know that during this period of quarantine I have learned so much about photography maybe if this had not happened I would not have learned, well I think this is a summary of my life, I can tell you everything works for good and I will repeat to you that the captains are formed in storms and I am willing to spend all with God as my captain, this short film was developed during the quarantine, all the shots were made only in a house because we cannot go outside and the shots that are outside were made much earlier, doing the short film reminded me of those around me but it became so normal that it was no longer special, today we know what we have and that it is worth a lot. Today normal is no longer normal, but today we will appreciate and enjoy more normal when it is again. (Spanish) Hola, Soy Brayan Arreola, un guatemalteco que cree en lo imposible aunque eso cueste entregar la vida. Nací el 22 de noviembre de 1990, mi madre me cuenta que mi padre era drogadicto, pero yo era muy pequeño como para recordarlo, en fin, él cambio y eso es lo que importa, mi familia imperfecta integrada por mi padre, mi madre y un hermano menor es amorosa y entregada a Dios, yo siempre he creído y me he entregado a mis sueños ligándolos a el propósito de Dios para mi vida, quien sabe, tal vez sea una buena estrategia y así se cumplan, llegue a mis 24 años creyendo que estaba intacto, que yo era un éxito ya que nunca fume, use drogas o bebido alcohol, y muchos sueños se estaban cumpliendo, todo estaba saliendo según el plan, pero saben, eso no es especial, yo lo creía , siempre le pedí a Dios una buena historia que poder contar, pero me di cuenta que nadie quiere oír a un perfecto, todos quieren oír al que ha fracasado y se ha levantado del fracaso una y otra vez, por que somos vencedores en Dios, pero cuando estas abajo eso es difícil, me case con Leslie una joven entregada a Dios a la que conocí cuando tenia 19 años y ella 14, es una bella historia pero como toda historia debes pasar por una aventura, saben ustedes que los capitanes se forman en las tormentas, eso es lo que he aprendido por que me ha tocado pasar por varias, se que esta tormenta pasara, cual se preguntaran, la de la pandemia, tal vez en otros países ya termino pero aquí diría que esta por la mitad, no soy experto en eso, empezaba recién este año a florecer mi empresa de fotografía y video de bodas y eventos, y el 15 de marzo, recuerdo esa fecha y creo que no la olvidare por que esa fecha entro el toque de queda en Guatemala en vigencia, y mi negocio se vino abajo, y yo pensé recién estoy triunfando, pero se que Dios tiene un plan, y uno muy grande el jamas nos dará una carga mas pesada la cual no podamos llevar, pero esta es muy pesada, hay días que quisiera irme con él, pero se que tengo que seguir adelante, se que mi testimonio aun empieza y me pone feliz el saber que tendré un gran testimonio que contar algún día, saben que durante este periodo de cuarentena he aprendido tanto de fotografía que si esto no hubiera pasado no hubiera aprendido, bueno creo que esto es un resumen de mi vida, algo les puedo decir todo obra para bien y les repito los capitanes se forman en las tormentas y yo estoy dispuesto a pasar todas con Dios como mi capitán, este cortometraje lo desarrolle durante la cuarentena, todas las tomas fueron hechas solo en una casa y las tomas que son afuera fueron hechas mucho antes, las tenia guardadas, el hacerlo me recordó los que tengo a mi alrededor pero se volvió tan normal que ya no era especial, hoy sabemos que tenemos y que vale mucho. Hoy lo normal ya no lo es, pero hoy apreciaremos y disfrutaremos mas lo normal cuando lo vuelva a ser. (English) Leslie Stephanie Morales Jiménez de Arreola, I was born on 1995 in Guatemala City, when I was 4 years old, my parents separated, my mother since then became a Christian and took me and my sisters to church, since I was a child I am a believer, at 12 years old my parents died, my dad died from a bullet in the lung after an assault and my mom died 4 days later from a heart attack, I was raised by my grandparents and uncles As a mom, At 14 years old I met my husband Marc Brayan Arreola Hernandez we married at the age of 20 with the passion of serving God, making a difference and getting ahead together,I am currently 24 years old, 4 years of happy marriage full of the presence of God. (Spanish) Leslie Stephanie Morales Jiménez de Arreola, nací el año 1995 en la ciudad de Guatemala, cuando tenia 4 años de edad mis papas se separaron, mi mamá desde entonces se convitrio en cristiana y nos llevo a la iglesia a mi y mis hermanas, desde niña soy creyente, a mis 12 años de edad mis papas murieron, mi papá murió por un balazo en el pulmón luego de un asalto y mi mamá murió a los 4 días después por un paro al corazón, fui criada por mis abuelo y tíos de parte de mamá, a los 14 años de edad conocí a mi esposo Marc Brayan Arreola Hernandez nos casamos a mis 20 años de edad con la pasión de servir a Dios, marcar la diferencia y salir adelante juntos, actualmente tengo 24 años de edad, 4 años de feliz matrimonio lleno de la precensia de Dios.


Letter to Humanity



Artist Statement

A letter to the humanities is a short film that was made thinking about the things that are happening in the world, in a negative approach related to the covid 19 pandemic, the world is so crazy and it seemed fair to put some humanity in it, this letter focuses on everything we have lost, freedom, but it also makes us reflect on what we have gained, with the film I seek to make people reflect on what is around them because it is beautiful, I know that many people are on the brink due to the confinement and many have lost their jobs and a lot of other things, but I wanted to remind them that we are more than what we have, we are what we can become, it is an open letter from the heart of the producer and He knows that not only his heart, He knows that many people will feel empathy, more people are desperate and sad but you should always find the beautiful in the sad and that makes you change your focus and forces you to focus on the beauty of how easy it is to live and live together, and knowing that there is a tomorrow, that's what the film is about, a letter to humanity.

How it fits into contest

The filming is about a current war, a war that is invisible but this one, which is not the fault of anyone but became everyone's responsibility, attacking all nations and stalking all of humanity, it is a virus that attacks the body but destroys the spirit, filling with fear and insecurity, making us feel incapable and unprotected, making us doubt of our creator, makes us feel powerless and without any salvation, makes us believe that there are only two options, left to die of fear or resign ourselves to never enjoy life as before, and this is where we have to remember that our God is strong and powerful that there is no evil that comes that he cannot overcome, remember that he is the Creator and that creation obeys him, not to let our spirit die but to know that Jesus gives us eternal consolation and hope, we just have to remember that if we submit to God and take all our thoughts captive in obedience to Christ Jesus all battle is won by the blood of Jesus Christ who died on the cross for us.


Marc Brayan Arreola Hernandez

Marc Brayan Arreola Hernandez

Main cast
Marc Brayan Arreola Hernandez

Supporting Cast
Leslie de Arreola
We made the video with shots that we have saved for many years
People that appear on the the secondary shots:
Brando Isaac Arreola Hernandez
Yolanda America Burgos de Jiménez
José Antonio Jiménez
Luisa Sosa de Hernandez
Roderico Armindo Hernandez
Marco Vinicio Arreola Hernandez
Andres Estuardo Franco Melendez
Barbara Raquel Morales Marroquin
Melanie del Rosario Morales Jiménez
Marisol Hernandes Sosa de Arreola
Apostle Norman Parish

Director of photography
Leslie Stephanie Morales Jiménez de Arreola

Production Designer
Marc Brayan Arreola Hernandez

Marc Brayan Arreola Hernandez

Leslie Stephanie Morales Jiménez de Arreola

Music composer
"Sappheiros - Embrace" is under a Creative Commons license (CC BY 3.0)
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Transcript / Lyrics


Today I had breakfast at ten in the morning, I woke up thinking about tomorrow but I knelt down and thought about what I have today, the silence outside seemed sad but I realized it was peace, not only can you be left without a job, without income, it is not only about you now is about everyone, everyone has car to pay, a rent to fill, a salary to expect or deliver, a debt, sales that no longer exist, bank interests that we don't know if they will forgive us, but today I don't eat breakfast at five o’clock like a needy person that goes to work, today I did it at ten o’clock like a millionaire, today my wife does not know my anguish because I do not notice because I give her peace, but inside I want to scream and cry, maybe today my dreams are being fulfilled, they used to fulfilled, but now they are stopped, but not as a game where I have the control, now, as a eternal pause where I realize that God is in control, today I hugged my wife in bed, I no longer did it, not because the lack of love, it was because lack of time, yesterday (months before) I smiled at many and many did it to me, today I bathe slowly and without loads, my alarm no longer exists, my board games came to life, the giving became part of my environment, the sheets on my bed seemed new, today they have sweat, because now I rest, I heard the whispers of the pines in the park, I found out that my dogs love to play with the pineapples of those pines, I realized that when I water my garden the crows and the pigeons bathe, today we had time to wash dishes together and not to use disposables, I shaved slowly and I didn’t cut myself, my wife made her coffee again, bathe my dogs, I did it, not the vet and you know?, they like it and I remember when they were puppies, the stories of my grandparents turn again in adventures like those of marvel, I flew a drone and smiled, and I remembered my dreams, today I realized that God missing me, it does not matter if this isn’t over yet maybe He did it to get us back to Him, I went for a walk and breathed, and talk and talk with my wife, I remembered my childhood and as I played, tried, hiding, plucked onions, I remembered my commitment and the face of my wife at the altar, in shopping I could see how alcohol, furniture, tools, and all those luxuries that seemed important are not, and I could see how paper, hygiene a simple lemon are more important than a vehicle, today I realized that life comes and goes and that if I don’t have precaution I could lose it, today I learned the important detail of an instruction, the precaution that we must have, humans are in danger from a virus, but the grass is green, the trees dance with the gusts of wind, my monopolies have already opened and the roses have began to bloom, and although I am scared and I am still scared, I have peace, today I know of your suffering, parents who left their roots to earn a better salary, salary on which depend those who remained in their nation, but, we do not depend on them we depend on the one that is high and low and came to the lows for you, for me and for everyone, I grieve but I have a roof, and those who do not have it, what happens to them?, today the whole world is in the same crisis and the same borders that divide us have infected us, today big problems don't matter anymore because for everyone there is only one problem, today I realized that I do not have a problem today I have an opportunity, an opportunity to breathe, to take up again, to love, to hug, to kiss, to tell those who no longer looked that I love them, that I miss them, to call those who are no longer there, we can only wait, and sometimes while waiting we reconsider, today we remember the value of a physical friendship and not a virtual one, the common is no longer, today I tell you that the Coronavirus will not live forever, but you will, today you know that this is temporary and you will pay attention to the infinite, the memories will come alive again, but this time, you will make them better. Because everything that is born of God overcomes the world; and this is the victory that has overcome the world, our faith. Who is he who overcomes the world, but he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God? 1st John 5:4-5

Hoy desayune a las diez de la mañana, me levante pensando en el mañana pero me hinqué y recapacite en que tengo el hoy, el silencio de afuera parecía triste pero me di cuenta que era paz, no solo tu te podrás quedar sin empleo, sin ingresos, no solo se trata de ti si no que en este momento se trata de todos, todos tenemos un carro que pagar, un alquiler que llenar, un salario que esperar o entregar, una deuda, ventas que ya no existen, intereses bancarios que no sabemos si nos perdonaran, pero hoy no desayune a las cinco como un necesitado, hoy lo hice a las diez como un millonario, hoy mi esposa no sabe mi angustia porque no la doy a notar por que le doy paz, pero por dentro quiero gritar y llorar, tal vez hoy mis sueños se están cumpliendo, se estaban cumpliendo, pero ahora están parados, pero no como un juego donde yo tengo el control, si no que una pausa eterna donde me doy cuenta que Dios tiene el control, hoy abrace a mi esposa en la cama, ya no lo hacia pero no por falta de amor, era por falta de tiempo, ayer le sonreí a muchos y muchos lo hicieron hacia mi, hoy me bañe lento y sin cargas, mi alarma ya no existe, mis juegos de mesa volvieron a la vida, el regalo, el regalar se volvió parte de mi entorno, las sabanas de mi cama parecían nuevas, hoy tienen sudor, por que descanse, alcance a escuchar el susurrar de los pinos en el parque, me entere que mis perros aman jugar con las piñas de esos pinos, me di cuenta que cuando yo riego mi jardín los cuervos y las palomas se bañan, hoy tuvimos tiempo para lavar los trastes juntos y no usar desechables, me rasure lento y sabes no me corte, mi esposa hizo su café, bañe a mis perros, yo lo hice, no el veterinario y sabes, a ellos les gusto y me acorde de cuando eran cachorros, las historias de mis abuelitos volvieron a ser aventuras como las de marvel, volé un drone y sonríe, me acorde de mis sueños, hoy me di cuenta que Dios me extrañaba y no importa si esto aun no acaba tal vez Él lo hizo para que regresáramos a Él, fui a dar una vuelta y respire, y hable y hable con mi esposa, recordé mi infancia y como jugaba, tenta, escondite, arranca cebollas, recordé mi compromiso y el rostro de mi esposa en el altar, en las compras pude ver como el alcohol, los muebles, las herramientas, y todos esos lujos que parecían importantes, no lo son, y pude ver como el papel, la higiene y un limón son mas importantes que un vehículo, hoy me di cuenta que la vida va y viene y que si no tengo precaución la podría perder, hoy aprendi lo importante detallista de una instrucción, la precaución que debemos tener, los humanos estamos en peligro por un virus, pero la grama es verde, los arboles bailan con las ráfagas de viento, mis acapantos ya se abrieron y las rosas empezaron a florecer, y aunque estoy asustado y sigo asustado, tengo paz, hoy se de tu sufrimiento, padres que dejaron sus raíces para ganar un mejor salario, salario del cual dependen los que en su nación se quedaron, pero no dependemos de ellos si no del que esta en lo alto y bajo a lo bajo por ti, por mi y por todos, me aflijo pero tengo techo, y los que no lo tienen, ¿que pasa con ellos?, hoy el mundo entero esta en la misma crisis y las mismas fronteras que nos dividen nos contagiaron, hoy los grandes problemas ya no importan por que para todos solo hay uno problema, hoy me di cuenta que no tengo un problema hoy tengo una oportunidad, una oportunidad para respirar, para retomar, para amar, para abrazar, para besar, para decirle aquellos que ya no miraba que los quiero, que los extraño, para llamar aquellos que ya no llamaba que están hay, solo podemos esperar, y aveces en la espera recapacitamos, hoy recordamos el valor de una amistad física y no la virtual, lo común ya no lo es, hoy te digo que el Coronavirus no vivirá para siempre, pero tu si lo harás, hoy sabes que esto es pasajero y le pondrás atención a lo infinito, los recuerdos tornaran vida otra vez, pero esta vez, los harás mejor, porque todo lo que es nacido de Dios vence al mundo; y esta es la victoria que ha vencido al mundo, nuestra fe. ¿Quién es el que vence al mundo, sino el que cree que Jesús es el Hijo de Dios? 1 Juan 5:4-5

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