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Jonathan Rothermel began to seriously pursue filmmaking as a career in 2016. Two years later, he co-founded Cursive Films with his brother, Michael. Together, they make films across the United States and the world. Michael Rothermel - Director of Photography Michael is a filmmaker based in Lancaster, PA. He’s passionate about crafting visual stories that celebrate beauty, inspire people to action, and help us be more human. Michael regularly collaborates with his brother Jonathan as Cursive Films.


Of Small Account


Concept, Dance - Modern

Artist Statement

Of Small Account begins with abstract, indistinguishable dialog sound design, that transitions into a quartet of film, dance, light, and music.

The film was created in part as an exegesis on the book of Job, and in part as a call to action to respond to God's call to equip ourselves for the spiritual battle. In the book of Job, Job has practically everything taken away from him and he has a dialogue with God. Chapter 40 begins with Job stating that he is "of small account," but God responds by saying, "Dress for action like a man."

At times in our lives, we can feel insignificant and small like Job. The past two years and a pandemic have increased these feelings over tenfold in some of us. This film also calls upon Ecclesiastes 3:20 which says, "All are from the dust, and to dust all return." This is a sobering reminder that we only live a small while on this earth. While we should not forget our origins and our final destination, there is no reason to despair, since God is eternal and when we clothe ourselves in His Armor, we become more than just dust. We are part of an eternal plan.

As Job was nothing without God, so are we nothing without God. This film is created as a reminder of that and a call to put on the Armor while we put ourselves aside.

How it fits into contest

Of Small Account as a film creates a dialogue between us and God, as viewed through the lens of the book of Job, Ecclesiastes 3, Ephesians 6:10-20, filmmaking, lighting, and dance. By bringing together these elements of Bible and art, Of Small Account gives the viewer a fresh perspective of our relationship with God, the spiritual battle, and arming ourselves while not losing hope in a crazy and senseless world.

As our earthly selves encounter conflict and strife, we need to be reminded that our daily lives should be oriented towards the spiritual battle and being prepared for it; because of how small and insignificant we are, and how great and eternal God is.


Director: Jonathan Rothermel
Dancer: Willow Rothermel

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Music / Sound Sources

Grounded (Instrumental) by Jameson Nathan Jones

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