Artist bio

C. Madria Steven has explored art in many forms, from dancing and singing, to playing instruments, to photography, to drawing and painting. Having come from a severely abusive childhood, Madria hopes to share her art to encourage the world to become a better place. Soroush and Madria are students, friends and collegues that work in the same area at the university. Sam is a Christian friend who works at the university, who is graciously providing a safe place for Madria to express creativity in art. Carl and Cecile are Madria's parental figures, who lived out the love of God when they scooped her off the streets and into their home 16 years ago. Jeannette is a friend who had supported Madria's creativity and she also worked hard to prevent Madria from dropping out of high school to return to the streets.


The Call to Engage



Artist Statement

I thought, prayed, and worked very hard to create an accurrate portrayal of my current life struggles, without getting too dark. I am strangely vulnerable in this film, but also have very good memories attached to each video clip used in this video, thanks to many good people! Sometimes it is difficult to trust God, but when I run, it seems to be toward God, with a sense of urgency; God's hands are the best things to cling to!

How it fits into contest

The struggles between storms and calm beauty is, to me, the essence of spiritual warfare. It is a daily fight to get up to keep running the course without knowing what is ahead, or really, what the end goal looks like. Right from birth, my life has been pitted with extreme abuse, negligence, rejection, and darkness, yet though I should have died many times over - at the hands of others, or even at my own hands - God seems to keep me alive, regardless. I wanted to make spiritual warfare understandable in this video - something that the next person understands. The film respresents how, no matter which course we run, every single person in life carries the battles of light and darkness deep inside of their souls.


Soroush - filmed the running

Sam - lent her house and light-up keyboard to be filmed for this project

Carl - driving slowly through the mountains while I filmed the road

Jeannette - recommended this Engage Art opportunity

Madria - filmed the nature, piano playing, and highway, played and wrote background music, script and voice narration; developed the concept and orchestrated it, video and audio editor

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