Javier Rosada

Artist bio

I am an up and coming international music producer and film maker who's primary goal in life is to express humanities deepest emotions through visual and musical art. There is no better feeling in life than creating a piece of art that truly connects with its audience and leaves a long lasting memory or way of feeling. Ella Vernali: a young and talented Nashville native who's biggest passion in life is the art of dance and choreography. Sam Zacovic: another young bright mind from Nashville, TN who's interests range from health & fitness to photography & film making. Javier Rosada: aka Jay Andre - this is my artist name/brand. My bio is the artist bio.


The Mile Race



Artist Statement

This film came about as we encountered more and more peers who fell into the evil ways of temptation, set upon them by none other than the devil himself. Using sneaky methods through the dark arts and persuasion, he has managed to turn many innocent youth into cigarettes addicts. Unfortunately the media portrays smoking as a "cool thing to do", specifically targeting the younger generations, without clearly presenting all of its harms. We decided to create a short film through which the viewers directly experience the shocking reality of a typical high school student addicted to cigarettes. It is often the case that parents, let alone the students' themselves, are unable to see the harm that smoking has on one's health - physical, mental and emotional. We see a dramatic turn of events in the student's life after being unable to complete a simple physical education activity and fainting helplessly in hopes that this will serve as a wake up call for many young smokers and non-smokers.

How it fits into contest

Protected by God's almighty and ever loving armor, we are able to defeat the evil's that smoke causes and avoid its harms by not giving into the devil's temptation who's only motive is to watch us crumble and auto destruct. By standing firm against the evil powers of the devil we are able to see through his tactics and avoid situations in which we would be the most impacted negatively.


Director, Editor/Post Production & General Producer: Javier Rosada
Assistant Director: Gabriel Buda
Camera men: Yan Han, Michelangelo Arullani
Stunt Coordinator: Michelangelo Arullani
Actors: Gabriel Buda, Michelangelo Arullani
Extras: Marymount International School of Rome Students

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All music used in the video is original (produced by yours truly) or approved under fair use.

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