Artist bio

Director/writer: Jessie Faith has been creating videos for years and loves to make ideas come to life. Jessie’s passion is helping others see the true love of Jesus and hopes to continue sharing for years to come. Director of photography: Joseph Lee is an entrepreneur and visual director from Los Angeles California. He is the founder of Joseph Films Productions and has experience in a broad range of industries including music videos, commercials, corporate promos, and more.


Bulletproof: The Armor of God



Artist Statement

Our team felt as though God wanted us to bring this story to life. The story that everyone experiences at some point in their lives and one that will help others feel like they aren’t alone in this. Our film follows six characters that are a lot like everyday people and watches their struggles become a reality on screen. As our team started to bring this film to life, we experienced the setback of COVID 19 and even started to feel the struggles our characters were facing. Despite any setbacks, we overcame those struggles just as our own characters do in the film. Our characters experience the power of the armor of God and feel the freedom of God’s holiness. At the end of the film, we see six characters that come together to form one body of armor. Our team has enjoyed every minute of creating this film and we are excited to see the power of God’s work as it touches people's lives.

How it fits into contest

Bulletproof is based on the scripture found in Ephesians 6 and shows the story of how God can help us overcome struggles. This film follows six different characters who each represent a specific struggle that is universal within our current world. As the story unfolds, their struggles become very real but what if there is hope? These characters soon realize that they can put on a piece of the armor found in Ephesians 6 and overcome the struggle they are holding onto. At the end of the film, we see six continuous characters that fit together to form one body of armor.


Directed & Written by Jessie Faith
Produced by: Joseph Films Productions
Music by: Hyperschmitt
Mixed by: Tim Restor
Mastered by: Brandon K Rivera
Edited by: Joseph Lee
Director of Photography: Joseph Lee

BELT OF TRUTH: Candise Howe
SHIELD OF FAITH: Michael Schirner

Transcript / Lyrics

Bulletproof: The Armor of God (Official Short Film)

We all face struggles.
It might seem like an ordinary day to everybody else.
It might seem like everything is okay on the outside.
But there comes a day when you can't rely on yourself anymore.
For some it might be image,
There is a feeling like you have to put on a mask every single day.
Feeling like who you are is just not good enough.
Searching to find your identity in something that just doesn't fulfil you.
The urge to push until the limit to find your strength.
Pushing for perfection when that won't ever be possible.
That feeling of emptiness inside of you that you can't escape.
It's heavy.
It's hard.
And it's sad.
It's hopeless.
And lonely.
It’s desperate.
And it’s frustrating.
It’s exhausting.
And it is so so infuriating.
But what if there is hope?
Remember that there is something bigger out there.
Bigger than any struggle and bigger than any fear.
Know that there is someone who will carry you when you don’t have any strength left.
And finally be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power.
With the breastplate of righteousness.
The helmet of salvation.
The shield of faith.
The belt of truth.
The shoes of peace.
And the sword of the spirit.
Therefore, put on the full armor of God.

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