Artist bio

Daniel Anleu studied two years at Atelier de Arte in Guatemala City where he got academic drawing skills that uses in realistic drawings, painting experiments, digital works and sculpture explorations. Exhibited on several collective art exhibitions and festivals with Xperimenta and Artistas de Fraijanes. He has the following collective exhibtions with Artistas de Fraijanes, Altitud 1630 (2016) and Equinoccio del Tiempo (2017) at National Palace of Guatemala and Historical Center of Guatemala Festival 2017, 2018 and 2019 with Xperimenta. Actually he works in realistic comissioned portraits of charcoal and pencil. As co-funder of Artistas de Fraijanes he leads cultural and artistic projects with other members of the collective AF at his community Fraijanes. As a member of Xperimenta develops creative and artistic projects with his partners. In his work Daniel explores the visual elements in a minimalistic way and other times through realistic drawings, he proposes visual experiences through drawing, painting and sculpture. Interested on social-human spiritual nature. Xperimenta bio: Xperimenta is a current space for dialogue, studying, analysis and creation of visual contemporary arts. A program focused on students, emergent artists with or without career, who pursue building, vinculate with creators, development of critical thinking and generate strategies for production and artistic creation. Since its creation on 2016 has developed artists through specialized workshops focusing them on the arts of today in all disciplines of creation. From this platform it has been made exhibitions as a result of the individual and collective investigations of the ones who has joined to the project. The actual group integrated by: Daniel Anleu, who started at 2016, Andrea Letona, Crystel Conde and Sarai Xajil who joined on 2018, Carlos Lobos and Ian Vásquez on 2020, they have been developing several projects including the exhibition “Vacío” (Void) 2019. On this year two more projects join, one about a multidisciplinary exhibition and the other one a video interpreting the biblical passage in “Ephesians 6:10-20”, The Armor of God. Andrea Letona Biography: She began studying at Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas of Guatemala in 2004. Between 2007 and 2012 she studied with independent teachers, painting classes at Galería Ríos in 2016 and workshop for emerging artist at the American Embassy in Guatemala in 2016; She has participated in several collective exhibitions, her first collective exhibition was at Campus Tec of Guatemala in 2016, Convocatoria Asturias at University of San Carlos in Guatemala in 2017, in 2018 she has participated in several collective exhibitions like rojo sereno at Studio Tr3s in Guatemala, máquina de nubes at Casa Celeste in Guatemala, Ixchel Gallery in Guatemala, Arte en los proceres at shopping center Los Proceres in Guatemala, Sinestesia at Café del Arte in Guatemala and volunteered at 21 Paiz Art Biennale in 2018. In 2019 she has participated in San José Costa Rica at FICCUA, she starts as a member of Xperimenta Collective, collective exhibition at Pasaje Tatuana in Guatemala, Vacío of Xperimenta Collective at Casa Municipal, Festival del Centro Histórico in Guatemala and AyudArte at Inter Gallery in Guatemala. She is currently studying for a bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts at Escuela Superior de Arte at University of San Carlos in Guatemala, and studies a bachelor´s degree in legal and social sciences, a lawyer and notary at University of San Carlos in Guatemala. Crystel Conde Biography: She is a Visual Artist with a specialization in painting from the School of Arts, at the University of San Carlos de Guatemala, she is also a Technical Draftsman with a diploma in Art and Design from the Center for Tuscany Creative Education in Guatemala, Member of the X-PERIMENTA group of Contemporary Art. She has different collective pictorial exhibitions and has created murals in the interior of Guatemala in the project of art and touris “A Country with More Color”, INGUAT. She is currently a professor in painting and drawing for children in the Fidelis ad artem association. Her visual work is oriented to observation and investigation, employing the use of pictorial techniques such as acrylic, oil, watercolor, etc. With a warm color palette, it makes use of experimentation with materials from its surroundings and nature. His proposal is abstract and sometimes figurative, with a Guatemalan theme, even themes of introspection, creating sensory stimuli for the viewer that allows him to freely imagine, identify and interpret. Saraí Xajil Biography: She is a Guatemalan visual artist and graphic designer since 2012. She entered the Superior School of Art (ESA) University San Carlos de Guatemala in 2015 with a degree in Visual Arts. Her route begins on the SHO exhibition en La Casa Roja, located in zone one of Guatemala City, presenting her paint Zipper. The same year with a group exhibition with her paint Sueño de una Señora. Next year she participated in the mosaic mural done at the Escuela de Artes Plasticas in Guatemala. In that same year participate an exhibition held in the central park of Guatemala City for the day of women. In 2018 he performs the Supervised Professional Exercise doing art workshops for children and teenagers. In November 2018 she joined Xperimenta with whom she held the EMPTY exhibition at the Festival of the Historic Center in August 2019. Currently she focuses on making contemporary conceptual art and works as a graphic designer. Alejandro Noriega Biography: In his beginnings he studied plastic art in Guatemala City, very soon he discovered abstract painting, the medium he explored and with which he began his first works. In 1991, he made his first personal exhibition with gestural / abstract drawings in pastel oil, in 1992. He will obtain the 1st place in painting at the Paiz Art Biennial, (Guatemala) in the general free category, in the following years he will participate in various exhibitions in national and international galleries and museums connoting Guatemalan Contemporary Art, University of Maine USA 1991, International Festival of Cagnes Sur Mer 1993, Salón de la Plástica Mexicana 2000. The themes will be series: Of creation and war as stories of the walls and The four elements. Between the transition of the century, 1996 to 2000 will include digital media, installation, performance, intervention of public space, object art, collaborative creation between different media; among others. During those following years, his production will be with different languages, painting will be somewhat minimalist or object art, he will exhibit in galleries, museums and various works will be carried out in public spaces, intervening or installing, the themes and investigations will be varied from the Blood series ( Painting), Traces of violence (intervention in public space / performance, 2006; collaborative), No + walls (installation / action 2007), Guatepiñata (installation in public space 2008), Inside/Outside (Art book, graphic box, 2010 Spain), Mural: Stardust, (object art, Boadilla de Rio Seco Castilla Spain, 2014), Xdad: (performance / mural 2016) Series: Conflict (object art, installation, other media), Series: Geometric (photography of B / W architecture exhibited in Washington, USA), Series: Popgt (digital photography colorized with software) among others. His work has been exhibited in Guatemala and internationally in countries such as Costa Rica, France, Spain, El Salvador, The United States of America, Honduras, Italy, Mexico, Paraguay. Collectively, he has participated in more than two hundred samples in Guatemala and abroad. As a teacher, she taught for ten years at ENAP, at the Universidad Da Vincie in Guatemala, also giving specialized workshops at universities, entities and private groups. The last ten years he has directed the exhibition: I love you, I hate you, without you I cannot live; presentations of experimental contemporary art where artists from all means of creation participate, likewise Xperimenta (experimental contemporary art workshop 2016 to date). Currently, her research continues on the problem of the Conflict from the political / social-human / spiritual side.


Ephesians 6:10-20



Artist Statement

This video was created as a project of exploration from the audiovisual to interpret the Scriptures in an actual way through the arts.

We used our experience in painting, drawing and photography to create a short film that offer in the present context a way to illustrate the Biblical text. The atmosphere of our church look into new ways of visualizing our relationship with Christ, this is the interaction we wanted to offer in our film.

Almost all participants and collaborators in this film are persons who know Christ, most of us are members of the same church and others came from other congregations near our city, Fraijanes, where our local temple is located in.

Creating the short film allowed us to share about the importance of using our gifts and skills for the Kingdom of God and using our faith to expand it.

How it fits into contest

Our need to wield Spiritual Armor transcends our requirement to maintain a faithful life when we fail in a worldly goal—an earthly one. The power of the strength of Christ manifests in the battles fought each day of a common man’s life.

Evidence that we wield the Armor of God is also shown in our continuing to wear the helmet of our worldly profession, to reign in the routine and dangers in which we encounter in day-to-day life (Ecl 10:8-9).

The Bible emphasizes that the greatest glory of God is about His having given us victory over death and not just in carnal and sinful things
(Eph 2:5-7). Man is given the gift of Life despite his mortal condition.

Ephesians 6:10-20 tells us that everything provided for us by the Grace of God has been made for us a garment, allowing us to perform well not only in our religious life, but also in our mortal life. In this way, that which we once called vain and ordinary, God has called a place of victory and redemption.

Seated with Christ, as citizens of another realm, we’re destined to leave this life because it is vanishing, but while we are here on Earth, surrounded by transience, this salvation has made for us an armor that allows us to rise beyond all earthly tragedies.


A production of

Alejandro Noriega:
CEO and project manager of Xperimenta

Daniel Anleu:
Film Producer.
Storyboard Artist.

Andrea Letona: Designer of painting mural “Eph 6.10-20” and painter. Acting.
Crystel Conde: Stencils artist for painting mural “Eph 6.10-20” and painter. Acting.
Saraí Xajil: Visualization of painting mural “Eph 6.10-20” and painter. Acting.
Ian Vasquéz: photography, and Editor design and final Edition.
Carlos Lobos: photography.
Aníbal Zapata: Music artist.

Romeo Aguilar: Bicyclist. BMX rider. Acting.

Elizabeth Hernandez: Acting.
Diego Palma: Acting.
Ledy Cortez: Acting.
Francisco Basilio: Acting.
Britny Chajón: Acting.
Daniel Hernandez: Acting.
Sofía González: Acting.

Eddyn Osorio: Facilitator of permissions and scenario.

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We have not selling copies of our Film but anyone can contact us to discuss it as well for our other services as paintings, portratis, drawings and contemporary art comissions by e-mail, Facebook message or Instragram message.


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