Artist bio

My name is Zahida. I am teacher at a Christian high school in my country. While I may not read via apps each day, I attend morning assemblies (sometimes plan them), mass and assist students religiously as a Religious Knowledge/Ethics teacher. As a past pupil of the institution, I had had the privilege of being taught by some of the best Christian and non-Christian teachers who have instilled in me a sense of spirituality that has guided me to this stage in my life. As an avid reader, I enjoy reading scriptures of all religions and drawing the positives from them. I love sharing that in my classroom and relating it to my field of expertise- Physics. My passion for writing and film and my desire to pursue that path has led me to enter this competition, in addition to the need to impart positivity to my students and peers. Growing up in a multi-faceted country and home, my father would often quote verses from the Bible, in trying to teach my siblings and I the light and guidance of God. Writing has been my first passion. Now I find film making equally exciting. I aim to become better so I can appeal more to my visual learners and instill in them the lifelong lessons I have and continue to learn.


Message from beyond



Artist Statement

Based on true events, Message from Beyond tells the story of a father and husband who loses the only parent who ever stood by him. He dreams his mother warning him of impending danger. When he is struck on the head by a drunk neighbour, he is shown a cane by someone wearing white. After the events, he takes his son for a drive, being the parent his mother taught him to be. He thanks his mother who he no longer grieves for, since he believes she watches over him like a guardian angel.

How it fits into contest

The battle of good versus evil, exists also on a supernatural level, as some call it. Many people take for granted that God is always looking over us, and sends angels with messages that can save our lives. The deceased mother looks over her son, guiding him through a difficult time, when his drunk neighbour strikes him for attempting to resolve an issue. In the end, this helps him to ultimately be a father his son deserves, passing on the qualities she taught him. Evil exists all around us, and while it may infiltrate us, it can also make us stronger, as in the case of the father.


Director: Zahida Hosein- Bahall
Writer: Zahida Hosein- Bahall
Lead cast: Bashiruddin Hosein
Safiya Hosein
Imtiaz Hosein
Salman Bahall

Music: Zahida Hosein- Bahall

Transcript / Lyrics

Body of woman is covered. Dean cries over his now deceased mother.
Dean: I love you, mom. Rest in peace.

Dean later enters his room to see his mother sitting on his bed.
Dean (elated and shocked): Mom?
Mom: Stay there! The water is dirty. And there's a snake in the grass! Just look out for the cane. I will always love you.
Dean: What grass? in the room? And what cane? Wait!

Dean jumps up from his intense dream.

Later, he tries to talk to his drunk neighbour about dumping things in his garden, but he ignores him. Suddenly, he is struck by a shovel.
Blood runs down his face.

The foot of a man, clad in a white pants steps forward, with a cane.
Dean awakens in his garage, takes hold of the cane and stands up, his face smeared in blood.

Later, when he feels better, he takes his son, Salman, for a long, drive which is long overdue.

Salman: Green!
Dean: Green! Hey, baby. What's your name?
Salman: Salman!
Dean: Salman! and Mamoo!
He chuckles.
Dean: Off roading!

Salman plays with the glove compartment.
Salman: That's treasure!
Dean: That's a treasure box?
Salman: I want to see what's inside.
He opens it.
Salman: Wow amazing. See? Treasure.
Dean: That's treasure. This is what you call the glove compartment.
Salman: Wow, amazing.
Dean: Wow, amazing.
Salman grabs a mask and some money.
Dean: Ok, that's a mask. No, no, that's dirty. Dirty stuff. Yes.
Salman: Treasure in it?
Dean: Treasure. Watch the camera and say...
Dean (in a deep voice): Treasure...
Salman (imitating him): Treasure
Dean: Ok, what's your name.

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