Artist bio

My name is Antwan Witter. I’m 32 years old. I always had a thing with words and bringing a story to life. I love making people laugh. I’m a laid back guy and my determination when I am focused on something is beyond this world. I have been during poetry for over 12 plus years but mostly for fun in my spare time. Im a great husband and super fun Father. I’m big on family. And I love to see people succeed in life.


My Biggest Fear



Artist Statement

This is my very first and only film I have made. This film was created from real experiences. It came about after having to have that conversation with my kids about what’s going on in the world and them asking question after question. I made this with the help of my kids using an IPhone and an app called videoleap. I play as everyone other then the kids in this film. Although the message is loud and clear, If your not watching the video as well as listening to it you will miss the big picture of it all.

How it fits into contest

The Spiritual Battle in this film is with the police officer standing up to his own evil thoughts along with his partners. Even after snapping out of his own Spiritual Battle He has to make a choice look the other way or stand up for what’s right and stop his partner from making matters worst.


Director: Antwan Witter
Writer: Antwan Witter
Producer: Antwan Witter
Supporting Cast : My kids Antwan,Arianna,Lailah,Adrian
Music From Videoleap

Transcript / Lyrics

My Name is Antwan Witter and I’m 32 years old. My Biggest fear has always been the same growing up. Drowning!

This! This is the moment I realize I couldn’t hold my breath any longer and that request for air from my body is now a demand. A demand that more then likely will take my life. Now I’m panicking praying for someone 2 save me!But not everyone is trained for that, But in the right hands under perfect conditions with a good amount of pressure airways will open up and hopefully i gain consciousness so I can live another day.

So can somebody tell me why I catch myself holding my breath anytime I see flashing lights in my rear view. Holding my wheel tight at 10 and 2 thinking what did I do.

Checking my speed.

I had it set on cruise and it’s mid day so my tail light being out is no excuse..

“Fewwww” as I exhale with a sigh of relief seeing them pass me by feeling safe from the ones who supposed to protect me.

I wonder why that is?

Maybe because if I got pulled over A request for my license and registration
Could quickly turn into a demand to step out of the vehicle. A demand that I know that more than likely would take my life.

I haven’t done anything wrong officer can you tell me why I’m being detained..

I saw that on a YouTube video but it don’t seem to be working the same.

Instead I got guns in my face telling me to freeze Holding my breath as I get place under Arrest cuz if I cough or sneeze They might take that as resisting.

Resulting in Choke holds punches to the head or knee to the neck cuz anything I said or did from an adult to a kid will be held against me in this present moment rather I live or die those are the things that will be use to justify why I’m being handled this way.
Can someone save me from the ones who are here to protect me But see not everyone is trained for that. As CPR is replaced with REC. and no not the body cam but in the Right hands under perfect conditions with a good amount of pressure Air waves would open up and hopefully one officer gains a Conscience to put the gun Down and help me up. So I can live another day.

My Name is Antwan Witter and I’m 32 years old. I realize my biggest fear was not coming home.

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