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Michelle Iannantuono is a full time filmmaker, soon-to-be published author, and the co-runner of the AtomaCon 3-day media convention. Her debut fiction trilogy, starting with PARADISA, is coming soon from Falstaff Books. She has written and directed three short films and one feature – DEVIL’S ADVOCATE, OHM, PSYCHOACOUSTICS, and LIVESCREAM. Her work leans in the science fiction and horror directions, because before switching careers to follow her passion, she was an industrial chemist (which is equal parts scientific and horrifying). Michelle Iannantuono is a full time director and writer based in Charleston, South Carolina. She has written and directed three short films – DEVIL’S ADVOCATE, OHM, and PSYCHOACOUSTICS - and the multi award-winning feature film LIVESCREAM. She operates a corporate video production company called Aether Motion, as well as her film production and media company Octopunk Media. She is available for hire at





Artist Statement

Ohm is an short film that, through almost no dialogue, follows a young woman who learns the unromantic costs of resistance.

Ohm is an odd film in my catalogue, as I am typically a horror/thriller filmmaker and lean towards lighter genre fare. But I felt like, with the current turmoil of our nation in 2018, I had many thoughts I wanted to convey through the medium of film. This film was the most collaborative project I have ever worked on, requiring the management of over 20 cast and crew members from the Charleston, SC area. I intentionally chose a racially and gender diverse cast, to represent an inclusive and broad spectrum of humanity.

How it fits into contest

This piece of scripture is heavily connected to standing up for what one believes in, having faith even when the odds are against you, and putting faith in goodness to watch over you in times of struggle. A lot of times, people think standing up for what you believe is easy - in reality, it can be one of the hardest things to do. It can put one's livelihood, their life, their family and friends, or their sense of peace and security in jeopardy. There is a reason we honor martyrs - because that type of bravery and commitment to faith is something that most people are incapable of.

In my film, Rebel and the members of Ohm are fighting a costly battle to defy an authoritative, xenophobic regime in their country. This film was, of course, not made in a vacuum, and was inspired by the current threats of fascism and prejudice that rock our nation today. But unlike romanticized tales of resistance, or the idealism of "keyboard warriors", Ohm shows the reality of what one must be willing to face if they truly want to defend their ethics. The reality that our lives can change from safe and innocent, to desperate and endangered, in an instant. And in the case of Ohm, the characters are not really given a choice - they can be complacent in the evil that has been thrust upon them, or they can stand up for good.

Every past revolutionary - from Martin Luther King Jr, to George Washington, to early Christians shortly after the death of Jesus - faced imprisonment and death for their beliefs. Ohm is intended to remind folks that this path is not easy, but still hopefully inspire them to hold firm their beliefs.

"I am an ambassador in chains" is a particularly relevant snippet in this regard, as unfortunately, that is the way Rebel walks off screen in the final frame. But her face remains resolute, and by the end of the film, she has committed to the cause she believes in.


Michelle Iannantuono - Director/Writer/Producer/Editor/Director of Photography
Tierney Breedlove - Rebel
Sarah Callahan Black - Courier
Andrea Rausch - Ohm Guard
Lane Lovegrove - Commander
C. Michael Whaley- Commando
Ericka Willis - Hijabi
Berle Stocks - Shooter
Kathleen O'Shaughnessy - Leader
Kathryn Perkins - Translator
Letia James - Hacker
Jay Mims - Historian
Sarah Dionna - Best Friend
Chris Gould - Commando
Erick Stokes - Fighter
Jessica Rueger - Commando Guard
Scott Johnson - Sound/BTS
Ahren Ciotti - Tactical Advisor and Lighting
John Johnson - BTS Camera
Kevin Bianchi - PA
Elana Greene - Hair and Makeup
Brittany Gerhard - Hair and Makeup
Austin Butts - Music

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