Artist bio

Industrial engineer Filmmaker Editor Graphic animator CEO of Soluciones Graficas y Digitales Guatemala



Our True Strength



Artist Statement

A story told in different stages of life, each one can destroy us or strengthen us. What decision will they make? Surrender or put on the armor of God through prayer

How it fits into contest

Throughout life a couple goes through different situations, infidelities, loss of loved ones who have not yet come into the world. But if we decide to hold on to the Word of God and put on the Armor of God, all adversities can be overcome.


Soluciones Graficas y Digitales - Filmmaking equipment

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Photography (Goods, products, food, etc)
Content for Social Media
Videos, ads, interviews, live broadcast video

Music / Sound Sources

Gymnopedie No1

Transcript / Lyrics

00;00;06;05 - 00;00;07;18
I don't understand

00;00;08;25 - 00;00;10;08
I don't understand

00;00;12;22 - 00;00;14;10
Why did you do it?

00;00;19;23 - 00;00;21;21
You wouldn't understand

00;00;22;06 - 00;00;24;10
You never get me

00;00;25;17 - 00;00;26;27

00;00;26;27 - 00;00;29;05
Maybe, am I not enough for you

00;00;39;02 - 00;00;41;12
You're an idiot

00;00;58;04 - 00;01;00;09
Darling i'm home

00;01;16;00 - 00;01;17;01
What's happening

00;01;21;20 - 00;01;22;21
What happened

00;01;33;19 - 00;01;35;14
We lost him

00;01;48;22 - 00;01;52;05
I promise you we'll get through this

00;01;52;20 - 00;01;54;09
I promise you

00;02;29;24 - 00;02;32;13
I told you we'd get over it

00;02;32;15 - 00;02;33;26
But we haven't done it alone

00;02;34;18 - 00;02;35;29
(Holy Bible)

00;02;36;11 - 00;02;39;00
Now we know who our strength comes from

00;02;39;00 - 00;02;41;09
and we have on the Armor of God

00;02;41;09 - 00;02;43;20
to face any circumstance.

00;02;46;26 - 00;02;50;00
(The Armor of God)

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