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Native of Raleigh, NC that expresses art through film. I enjoy using my gifts and talents to create compelling stories.



Speak Victory



Artist Statement

In the short film speak victory , you see a guy ( PAUL ) who is just having bad luck. Like our everyday challenges things just don't always go as planned. Do we give up , talk bad about our situation and lose faith? Well, Paul decided to speak victory. We see him put on his full armor of God and defeat the devils schemes with the word of God. In the end we see God reward Paul for his faithfulness.

How it fits into contest

The short film "Speak Victory" represents the sword, defined as “the word of God.” It is not a violent weapon, but the powerful word God speaks of truth and light, justice and right thinking, mercy and judgment.


Music by Whitesand – Circle of Life ,,

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Music / Sound Sources

Title: Emotional Inspiring Piano & Strings (e-soundtrax)

Title: Circle of Life
Whitesand (Martynas Lau)
Year: 2017
COPYRIGHT INFO: - This piece is under a creative commons license. You can use it for your project or video if you credit me and give links to the song or the channel.
Music by Whitesand – Circle of Life ,,

Transcript / Lyrics

“Speak Victory”

00:00:41:11 NO NO NO NO

00:00:43:00 Just wait a second my man

00:00:44:14 Go away

00:00:45:07 Come on man wait a second

00:00:46:13 Just talk to me for a second

00:00:48:00 Just leave me alone

00:00:49:17 You got a family

00:00:51:03 They left me

00:00:52:02 You got a family…

00:00:52:17 Your friends love you

00:00:54:00 I don’t have any more friends

00:00:55:07 Come on man God loves you

00:00:56:19 God loves you

00:00:58:18 God can’t love me

00:01:00:05 If you jump, if you do this

00:01:02:02 You’ll never know how much he loves you

00:01:07:11 Look at you

00:01:10:06 You walking

00:01:12:00 Look at this city

00:01:14:01 You think God loves you

00:01:16:19 God doesn’t love you

00:01:20:15 If you only knew

00:01:22:02 Where I came from

00:01:24:00 You’d be praising God right now

00:01:26:06 Instead of standing on that ledge

00:01:31:02 In this life

00:01:32:15 Its always going to be challenges

00:01:35:09 But just having that relationship with God

00:01:37:21 You’ll never be alone

00:01:41:01 So, yea I’m walking

00:01:43:02 God willing

00:01:44:13 I get this job next week

00:01:75:05 Ima get a new car

00:01:49:12 Better place for my family

00:01:52:09 So come on

00:02:00:03 Oh yea he is here

00:02:02:04 I’ll send him in

00:02:05:08 Last door on the left

00:02:06:23 Thank you so much

00:02:07:16 Music

00:02:50:03 Finally, become strong in the Lord, and in the might of his strength.

00:02:55:19 Put on the full armor of God.

00:03:00:00 The End

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