Artist bio

I'm Gabriel Rioux, I am an aspiring Filmmaker/ Director/ Video Editor


The Decision



Artist Statement

I got some friends together and brainstormed ideas related to the scripture given. Then we filmed the shots all in one day, then after that it took a few days to edit it all together, with original music made by my friend.

How it fits into contest

I chose this part of the scripture:

"Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes."

And from that i got the idea to have a teenager get tempted by his friends to do something he shouldn't do, and choosing not to do it because of the strength that he got from God against the forces of evil.


Director/ Actor/ Editor - Gabriel Rioux
Actor - Angus Laforrest
Actor - Rey Jensen
Music - Amani Bera
Producer/ Camera - Daniela Rioux

Transcript / Lyrics

The Decision Transcript
by Gabriel Rioux

Speaker 1 -Hey, what's up dude?
Speaker 2 -Hey what's up guys?
Speaker 3 -Didn't expect to see you here
Speaker 1 -Yeah, what are you doing tonight?
Speaker 2 -I'm just about to head home and do my homework
Speaker 1 -Homework?
Speaker 2 -Yeah, I got history assignment due tomorrow.
Speaker 3 -Aren't you passing?
Speaker 2 -Yeah, but I can always get better grades, you know.
Speaker 1 -Well, you know, we got a party going on tonight, right?
Speaker 3 -Yeah.
Speaker 2 -Seriously?
Speaker 3 -Yeah, Brad's
Speaker 2 -Really?
Speaker 1 -Dude you always hear about his parties in the news, right?
Speaker 2 -Yeah
Speaker 1 -you want to join in on this one?
Speaker 3 -Yeah
Speaker 1 -this is like an exclusive thing.
Speaker 2 -Guys, I told you I got a history assignment.
Speaker 1 -You can do it on the weekend.
Speaker 2 -Well, yeah, but these grades are important for my future.
Speaker 1 -He's got the strongest rum there too.
Speaker 3 -Yeah.
Speaker 1 -no one knows about it, his parents are gone for the entire week. some crazy stuff.
Speaker 3 -You can take a hit.
Speaker 2 -I don't know guys.
Speaker 3 -You have the marks to take a hit
Speaker 2 -it's a big assignment. I don't know.
Speaker 1 -So big what so what you're still gonna pass.
Speaker 3 -Yeah.

[Montage of party]

Speaker 3 -Yeah, join in.
Speaker 2 -No, I can't. I really shouldn't. History is way more important. My grades are more important,
and I need that to have a better life.
Speaker 1 -You do realize what kind of party this is right?
Bradley's party's known for the most wild stuff in the entire city.
Speaker 3 -I heard he was having the biggest party of The year.
Speaker 2 -So what?
Speaker 1 -You're missing out on this?
Speaker 2 -It's just a party and you guys are probably gonna do dumb stuff anyways that could get you in trouble.
it's way more important to get good grades in school.
Speaker 1 -You're gonna waste away with being boring and doing your homework.
Speaker 2 -Yeah, because then I'll have a good life unlike you guys
Speaker 1 -You're so lame
Speaker 3 -I though you were cool man.
Speaker 2 -don't need to be cool.
Speaker 3 -Yeah, that's what you think
Speaker 2 -Whatever

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