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Hey my name is Kyle Tiernan and I am a filmmaker based out of Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Over the last few years I have felt a call on my heart to create Christian content that is not only relatable to people, but that also represents the heart of God properly. I am happy to present to you "The Wiles", a story based upon Ephesians 6 which I hope will speak to those who are watching this short film. Thanks for this opportunity. God bless!


The Wiles



Artist Statement

We filmed this during two cold Canadian winter nights but it was well worth the trouble! I will continue to make short films to further the Kingdom!

How it fits into contest

As believers we will in fact face battles in our spiritual life, especially when it comes to our thought life. In this short film we can see that when we are cast down, our city is taken captive, we can become afraid and run away instead of facing our fears.. But as we humble ourselves and remember our God and the power that He gives us to overcome, He restores our faith and then the Lord Himself comes to fight our battles and defeat our enemy. All that we have to do is trust in Him and remember the words that He gives us, in this case the words that are in Ephesians 6.


Ryan Northcott - Director
Kyle Tiernan - Director of Photography, Producer, Writer, VFX Artist, Costume Design, Editor
Morgan LeBlanc - Producer, Actor
Gord Andersen - Actor, Stunt Coordinator
Jared Nichyporuk - Assistant Camera
Jared Evans - Composer
Joshua Stewart - Grip
Larry Kelly - Special Effects
David Ovelson - BTS Photography
Shelly Zydek - Horse Trainer

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