Artist bio

A learner of many, and a disciple of one, Omar Rojas finds poetry in the Scriptures to be rich and captivating. He is passionate in serving and is part of the pastoral leadership at Spirit Life Community Church alongside his wife Sara Rojas. Omar has a Bachelor of Arts in Religion with an emphasis on Ministry and Leadership from Vanguard University of Southern California. He is currently a Cinematography certificate student at UCLA Extension where he is building his skill-set and passion for film. This passion was birthed a few years ago when he experimented with creating a few videos for his local church and most recently, he launched a YouTube channel, Verses, to join poetry, picture, story, and Scripture in a creative way. He desires to inspire others to not lose heart and live a flourishing life in Jesus Christ. Erik Rojas is an artistic and creative individual who is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Architecture at Cal Baptist University.


Wake up the Warrior



Artist Statement

Wake up the Warrior is a short film that encompasses the theme of loss, suffering, and overcoming in the Spirit. In this short narrative, the main character is called forth from a place of pain to fight for his story. From a dormant faith to soberness, creativity becomes the means for healing, engagement, and connection with the Father. It is also the place where he stands in the gap for another. The relevance of this message holds true in our current times, where physical, emotional, and spiritual brokenness is altogether present. God's truth and restoration awakes a warrior to fight and thrive amidst hardship; and intercede for the sake of the gospel.

Creating this short film was a first and worth the challenges that came with it. We pray this blesses your life, and may you be empowered by the Holy Spirit to live and embody the gospel of our savior Jesus Christ!

How it fits into contest

The letter to the Ephesians was written by the apostle Paul as he was in chains, imprisoned for the ministry of Jesus Christ. Paul was a man who experienced hardship and persecution and yet stood firm in the faith. This context truly inspired Wake up the Warrior. The existence of suffering and pain is part of the reality that will completely be redeemed by God. We must fight, pray, and carry forth the ministry of Jesus Christ without fear as Paul expresses in Ephesians 6:19,20. In a similar fashion, Wake up the Warrior explores the use of a personal letter and a holistic approach to the spiritual life that uses creativity. The battle is before us and we must lift our faith in action for our God is with us.


Omar Rojas - Lead Creative (DP, writer, editor, actor "Paul")
Erik Rojas - Main Actor "Rick" and Artist
Azucena Estrada - Actor "Linda"
Sara Rojas - Actor "Rebecca" and camera assistant
Anthony Huacuja - Officer Voice
Crystal Martinez - Dispatch Voice
All sound and music licensed (Epidemic Sound)

How to Purchase this Artwork

Digital, upon request.

Transcript / Lyrics

Silhouette of a man with a piece of artwork.(not revealed)…

Disorienting. A young man mid-20’s, RICK, thin, full-grown beard and intoxicated struggles to walk as he enters his bedroom. POV, almost falls, looks into mirror, face is tired, sickly eyes. He is imbalanced, knocks over an empty glass as he sits in his desk chair. Knocks out.
Flashbacks of a light, hand, and foot on the ground. (Sound will create the experience).

PAUL (voicemail)
Rick (Sigh), I was hoping to see you. I’ll be heading out
tomorrow morning my brother. Take care.

A man in his late 20’s, PAUL, gets up from the table after a while. Coffee in hand, takes last sip, walks away from table.

Rick is lying down on the floor, struggles as he gets up slowly .

Paul is on the phone with his wife Rebecca, lantern.

You're right, it's just been a while and I want him back. I don't know when the power will return but there's enough oil for the night. Please make sure he receives it.

I will.

Thank you.

Good night, love you.

Good night, love you.

Rick receives letter. Begins to read.
Cut to him beginning his pursuit of creating a masterpiece.…

PAUL (voiceover)
My dear brother, we’ve both lost something, someone. I miss her too. I have replayed that moment many times, it clings to the mind and drains the life out our simplest ambitions, leaves us in despair with little hope, but the life that she lived was precious. Do you remember the avenue where you met your Creator, the window to your soul that sparked life? I know those memories still exist, hidden in the drawers of your heart. Open the chest of those remarkable recollections where life once flourished.
Time is sacred, and know that its nature is not to heal but to reveal. It reveals both our condition and the Healer who holds all things. Let these wounds that pierce the soul be attended by Him, by Christ, who triumphed over death and reminded the grave of its limitation.
Pain is difficult to numb and we weren’t meant to be mere plunder for the enemy, defeated and lost in the battle for our hearts. Grieve, hold fast, and suppress no longer. Our God is with you. Come to him with a sober mind, an exposed heart and let faith be your shield.
A new reality will rise from the depth of your sorrow, and through the work of your hands a new chapter will unfold. I pray your days be filled with joy and your nights with peace for his light shines in the smallest crevices of darkness. Be strong, engage, and wake up the warrior. Remember, dust was a means for creation before it became the signature of death. Ah yes, the breath of God and redemption is all too beautiful. Hear the realms of heaven chant a victory, stand firm, pray and believe, wake up the Warrior.
You'll find love leading emotion and passion guiding the motion. The light that shines a new beginning isn't meant to be hidden and it doesn't end with you, Withhold not and share your visibility. The fight for your story can be the promise for another.
Pursue, lead, and walk faithfully. Wake up the warrior.

Simultaneously with Voiceover
Rick has breakthrough moments, prayer, crying, as he begins to engage in creating a masterpiece. Wire crafting, clay forming... day and night shots of the ongoing journey where he reads, prays and engages. As Rick nears the end of his masterpiece, he writes a letter.
The final product is not yet revealed,but the redemption and his freeing spirit is expressed. The warrior has awakened.

A woman opens an envelope and begins to read letter.

Rick gets on his motorcycle and journeys to Paul’s house.

Paul stands at the table, coffee in hand.

Rick gets off his motorcycle, walks towards the house.

Paul glances up and sees Rick through window, slowly overjoyed by the warrior that has awakened.


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