Artist bio

Life has been up and down, but truly when I was down God lifted me up. I've been making videos for around 8 years, but it was not until, around three years ago God changed my life and my purpose. May God be magnified, He must increase, but I must decrease. (John 3:30) for His strength is mighty in my weakness. Just a sinner, trying to glorify my God.


Door of Paradise



Artist Statement

The spiritual war is heated and the demons try hard to deceive us into staying with them. Joseph, the protagonist is in the middle of this warfare and is seemingly trapped in the middle of nowhere, both physically and spiritually. God is calling Him, but the sinful life still has a hold. The Lord Jesus Christ, who wills not for any of us to perish, but for all to have eternal life (2 Peter 3:9) is calling the young man to salvation. In the heat of the battle Joseph gives it all up for God and enters through the door, to paradise.

How it fits into contest

In a world that is quickly falling apart, the battle for our souls has just begun. This film highlights the struggle of the fight we all face on a daily basis, acknowledging that it is Christ who is The Victor, and running towards our Saviour is our only hope. So we must girt ourself with Truth, with prayer and supplication to The Lord and open our mouth boldly declaring that Jesus Christ is Lord!


Damion Ramuss - Camera Operator
Music - Fr.Apostolos Hill
Director/Editor/Writer/Actor - Simon/Joseph "Snow" Thompson

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