Tyler Gilbert

Artist bio

Tyler Gilbert is 3 piece hard rock band hailing from Regina, SK consisting of Tyler Gilbert(vocals, guitars), Mark Ennis(drums) and JD Lemire(bass). With a sound similar to that of Alice in Chains, Alter Bridge, Ozzy and Black Label Society. They have been making waves in the music industry since releasing their 2008 debut EP Vos to their current release Underdog (2019). They have done national tours all over Canada and the USA; performed at countless major festivals, including the Ohio State Fair, Sound of Music, CCMA Festival, Womens World Curling Championship and Canadian Western Agribition; and performed live on Global TV, Shaw TV, CTV while their music hit the playlists of top stations all across Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Ireland and South Africa as well as airplay Sirius XM and Stingray radio. Tyler Gilbert is the lead vocalist and guitarist of the band. He has been involved in music since his childhood. He is the sole songwriter for the group and has toured extensively since his first release in 2008. Since then he has released 4 albums and 2 ep's. Mark Ennis is the drummer behind Tyler Gilbert. He has been in such bands such as Desert Island Classic and The Puppies. He is featured on both their albums as well as upcoming Tyler Gilbert album for 2020. JD. Lemire is the bassist and backing vocals for the band. He is the newest member of the group but is also apart of the group Room 333. He has been involved with music for most of his life with his early group N.O.B and the heavy metal group Stillseed. His first release with Gilbert will be in 2020.


Montana Kid

Artist Statement

This song and video tells the story of the Montana Kid. He is a worn out drifter looking for his place in the world. Haunted by inner ghosts for his past actions, he constantly struggles to run from them, never knowing if what he is seeing is real or just in his mind.

How it fits into contest

This fits within the contest topic by way of the main character in the video and song. He struggle with his inner spirits of his younger self, an angel and outer demons that continue to haunt him and make him question his path, intentions and purpose.


Composer, Lyricist, Songwriter, Director, Producer, Vocalist, Guitarist, Videographer - Tyler Gilbert
Piano - Glenn Sutter
Lead Actor Montana Kid - Larry Gilbert
Young Actor Montana Kid - Lukas Gilbert
Angel Actor - Emily Gilbert
Reaper Actor - Aaron Gilbert

How to Purchase this Artwork

This song is from Tyler's 2016 album "The Montana Kid"

Transcript / Lyrics

Old man fighting for his life
on a trail he was left alone
rugged earth had seen his blood
felt it on the sharpest stone

When all roads lead home
the weary minds to roam
no fortunes of fate
have all been cast away
the Montana kids never free
Swept away in a common flood
lost a love down in Idaho
searching for his last goodbye
had to run and was forced to go
Watched his empire fade away
buried underground
only spoons to dig his grave
a little at a time
what’s become of all these lines
no one could connect

he use to come around here looking for the answers
that I could never tell
he use to come around here looking for the reasons
that I could never share

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