Artist bio

I have been singing since I was four(4) years old. I sand for eight(8) years with the incredibly talented University Singers in Jamaica and with Dennis Rushton’s band for about two(2) years. I have sang solos at many weddings, funerals and social events. I also sang on the small stage twice at the Jazz and Blues Festival that was held in Jamaica. I love JESUS and HIS Commandments. I love life and to enjoy it. I’m a work in progress and working on being a better person each day with GOD’S Help, along with HIS Grace and Mercies! Blessings! N/A


Put on the Whole Armour of GOD

Artist Statement

I Performed the music video in my car as I have no money to go to a studio and/or to pay a songwriter. I then decided to try and write a song according to Ephesians6:10-20 and preceding verses.

I am not a song writer but I prayed and asked GOD to help me to write this song and enter. I had to sing it acapella as I have no funds now to pay any musician.

I hope you guys like it. Enjoy!

How it fits into contest

I wrote the song as best as I could according to Ephesians 6:10-20 and the preceding verses. It really emphasizes what those verses speaks on as it relates to children and parents relationships. Business owners and employees relationships and arming oneself against the soles of the devil and being prayed for.


Toni-Ann Tamara Baker- I wrote the song and lyrics and just used my phone and did a video in my car.

Transcript / Lyrics

Put on the whole armour of GOD
Put on the whole armour of GOD
Put on the whole armour, put on the whole armour
Put on the whole armour of GOD (repeat chorus)

Verse 1:
Children children, I want you to obey your parents
And also di big pickinee(children) dem, I want you to respect your parents
Now listen! Daddy and Mommy, really do not provoke your babies
Instead I want you raise dem(them) right
Raise dem right inna (in)di(the)LORD’S sight

Now slaves and masters listen to me now, take your curtsy and then you take your bow-ow!!!

Slaves, slaves, I want you to serve your masters
Serve your masters wholeheartedly
An serve them sincerity
An make sure your loyalty is shown when they gone at sea

Masters, Masters, the Lord is also watching you
Watching, watching to see what you do
Oh yes, yuh(you) better treat them right
Cause you’re never outta di LORD’S sight

The LORD judges fair to each and everyone and yes HE is always everywhere
So yuh betta(better)be ready and yes yuh betta aware

Finally, build up yuh strength in unity
Unity wid(with) di Almighty
Put on yuh armour, so dat(that) yuh fight against di(the) devourer(satan)
Memba(remember) seh wi nah fight one annodda(another)
Instead wi(we) fight against di wicked rulers
Wicked forces in the heavenly world
So we gotta be strong and firm
An’ know wi nah(not) lose dis(this) term

Mek(make) sure yuh truth of belt tight right
An’(and) yuh breastplate of righteousness have might
Yuh shoes mus’(must) be ready, ready to announce GOD’S Glory
Oh yes, every time yuh have yuh shield of faith
So dat yuh doaa(don’t) fall for di devil’s bait
An yuh have yuh helmet of salvation
To ward off di devil an him(his) demons
Don’t figet(forget) fi(to) seh(say) yuh prayer and ask GOD
Fi keep yuh spiritually a champion

Pray for me that GOD will give me a message when I am ready to speak
Pray that I will speak bodily and I will still be meek
Pray that I will speak the gospel’s secret and not be weak
Though I’m in chains, pray that I will say

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