Artist bio

Karenda Enka Swain, affectionately known as ‘Enka’, was born in Freeport Grand Bahama, The Bahamas. Having grown up in a musical family, she grew a love for music at a young age. Throughout her life, Enka has consistently been intrigued by different musical instruments. At the age of four (4), she learned the piano. Later, at the age of twelve, she discovered enthusiasm for the violin. She likewise learned how to play the Trumpet during her involvement in a community musical band. Currently she is mastering the guitar, an instrument she adored as a child. Naturally, she was gifted with singing and is involved with her church praise ministry. She loves to write music. This interest in song writing was cultivated during her University years and further developed when she opted to take her Bachelor’s degree in Music Education. Subsequent to finishing her degree, Enka utilizes her gift to encourage and inspire others. Enka’s newly written song " I Will Trust You" is a testimony of God's love for her. She hopes that her songs will inspire others to trust in God and cling to him during times of trouble. God is trustworthy and He is constantly in control.


I Will Trust in You


Gospel / Inspirational

Artist Statement

"I Will Trust in You" is an inspirational song that shines light on the battle of the unseen forces within the mind that many people struggle with daily. When the enemy attacks and fear and loneliness sets in, this song is an encouragement that God is our refuge. God is our safest place of shield and defence. We can trust in his protection over us.

How it fits into contest

Many of us, (especially during the times that we are currently living in), are fearful of the future (the unknown), as well as our past. We are fighting wars that rage within our minds, battling the unseen forces daily. When loneliness sets in, and the accuser attacks, we need a shelter. We need protection and a safe place to be sheltered. That comforting refuge is Jesus.

Ephesians 6:10-20 reminds us that we are not battling against flesh and blood, but against principalities of the dark. When we find ourself in a dark places, Psalm 91:1-6 reminds us that God is our refuge and mighty fortress. We can find shield and protection in Him.

"I will trust in You" encourages people struggling with overcoming fears and failures, to find refuge in God. He is in Control. Trust Him.


Singer, Songwriter - Karenda Enka Swain
Pianist, Music Producer - Kenan Swain
Guitarist - Trey Bosfield
Videographer - John Paul

Transcript / Lyrics

Verse 1
Battles that range within my soul
Strongholds that won't seem to let go
Will this war within my mind ever end?
Is this all that I will be?
Cause I don't see your plans for me.
It seems like failure is what I do consistently.

Through the lonely nights and unseen fights
I'll lay it all at your feet.

Jesus I'll trust in you
With all that I'm going through
You are the way, the truth, the light.
You're always by my side,
Lord you are lifted high.
You are my comforter and friend.
Jesus, you are my defence.

Verse 2
Patterns, I keep on cycling.
Stuck in the same old ways again.
This path I keep taking makes no sense.
But you Lord you have great plans for me.
In you God, I have the victory.
In you I will never be ashamed.

My past mistakes don’t mean a thing with you, Lord
You know it all and still you call me Chosen
You've paid the price, so I'll give my life to you, Lord.
You break the chains, my fears, my shame, you remove it all.

I will depend on you
With all that I'm going through
You are my shelter in the storm
You are the Prince of Peace
The refuge in whom I seek
Lover and Protector of my soul
You are in control
You are in control

So I will trust in you.

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