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With gospel-influenced harmonies, bluegrass breakdowns, sweet acoustic melodies, and contemporary classic anthems, Anomalous Day is a vibrant, intentionally multi-ethnic musical collective. The inspiration came from Rev. Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. who once said that, “the most segregated hour of Christian America is eleven o’clock on Sunday morning.” AD is asking and answering the question - what if it wasn’t? Anomalous Day is a band of musicians and friends who are on a mission to create worship environments for people of all races, ages and cultures to experience the freedom, healing, and intimacy of Christ through worship. Diversity, but not just for diversity’s sake. They are called to the kingdom and want the kingdom to be reflected in all that they do. Since some of the band’s core values are community and friendship, folks that get invited to be a part of this musical collective must ‘fit like family’ into this tightly-knit group before anyone grabs an instrument or a microphone. Anomalous Day believes that no matter what color you are or what background you’ve come from, if people can find a way to love and trust each other as family first, they can accomplish anything. After all, every Sunday should be an “Anomalous Day”.


The 1der


Gospel / Inspirational

Artist Statement

We really wanted to acknowledge the pain and suffering that we've experienced as a country in this work. As you will see, the video includes powerful images of humanity at our best and worst. These images help communicate the heart of the song in a deeply profound manner.

One of the most beautiful things I've ever heard was when Bono, being interviewed by Eugene Peterson (transcript of the Message translation of the Bible) said that Christian musicians don't write music that is honest. Well, we wanted this video to be honest about the pain and suffering that we feel within the human experience. Our video, much like our album cover, reflects the gradient change (literally) from darkness to light.

How it fits into contest

As friends gathered with glasses raised high and families took part in countdowns all around the world, no one could forecast that those exclamations were soon to be eclipsed by inconceivable devastation. The economy is collapsing. The threat against people of color in this country is palpable and the rising death tolls connected to COVID-19 have altered almost everything. The way we connect is different. The way we live is different. Everything has changed.

Today, Ephesians 6:10-20, beautifully reminds us that the battles we are currently facing are not against the enemies that we can see. They are against unseen forces; the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Though the aforementioned global and racial pandemics have seemed to have taken center stage, we are fighting against an enemy who is a proven strategist. One who is the master of deception and disunity. Yet despite his renown, God has given us clear instructions on how to win, this fight, today. He simply asks us to stand. Stand, clothing ourselves with armor that is sufficient for battle. But what does it mean to stand? Well, we would like to submit to you, that perhaps standing, might also mean to wonder.

The 1der (named after our debut album “1”), is spoken from God’s perspective, and is a beautiful compliment to this scripture. This song challenges us to do something that seems bizarre, given the environment. It simply asks us to remember. We must remember that despite the harsh realities of life, God has asked us to believe…to hope…to seek out beauty and love and truth in the midst of this avowedly disconsolate season. To stand. Why? We believe His will is that we would not “wonder in it all”.

“Wonder”, that we would see footage of innocent men being killed in the streets like animals, and crowds of protestors being run over by cop cars, and hundreds of people dying, and begin to doubt that He is with us…and for us…and loves us. We wanted to use visuals in this video to visibly illustrate those two themes, powerfully reminding us that standing, may also look like smiling. It may also look like forcing ourselves to find the light. It may look like taking up a shield of faith that is also the truth that we are loved and that we are also enough. God has called us to remember. Please, don’t forget that there is still wonder, in it all.


- Katrice Walker: Writer, Music Performer, Composer, Producer, Associate Director
- Edward Jordan: Graphic Designer, Director, Editor, Associate Producer
- Charles Reddick: Music Performer
- Jeff Johnson: Composer
- Julian Edmond: Composer
- Matthias Patrick: Composer
- Roni Tabara: Composer

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"The 1der" is available for purchase via Apple Music and streamable via all major digital streaming platforms. The song was taken from Anomalous Day's debut album entitled "1" - physical copy's of the entire album can be purchased directly from our website:

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Transcript / Lyrics

Verse 1
Just turn the corner oh my love
Around the corner things are better for you child
Will you take my hand my love
I wanna be what you hold on to

Don’t forget the wonder
Don’t forget the wonder
Don’t forget and wonder in it all

Life's a page turner
Don’t forget the wonder
Don’t forget and wonder in it all

Verse 2
Breathe in the mystery my love
Some things need to be kept secret from you child
Trust the process oh my love
In time I hope you’ll see it works out

Don’t forget the wonder
Don’t forget the wonder
Don’t forget and wonder in it all

Life's a page turner
Don’t forget the wonder
Don’t forget and wonder in it all

You are loved
You are enough (repeat as directed)

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