Artist bio

Jake Juvell, born in Toronto, Ontario, is a young energetic gospel rapper whose life mission is spread the word and the name of God through one of the most powerful and influential outlets...MUSIC! Specifically through hip-hop/rap. Jake Juvell grew up preaching at the local church at just the young age of seven, ending his speeches with his "Books of the Bible" rap which his parents helped him to create, which later developed into full original songs as he grew older. He also was a member of the youth choir and band, which helped him grow musically, and gave him an ear and taste for melodies, drum beats, instruments, lyrics, etc. Through these mentions, his love for the word of God and for music developed into what would be later his passion. In addition to this, Jake often watched his two uncles perform gospel raps in the church during worship services and holy times, along with his mother who was the choir leader, which became his biggest inspirational and motivational factors, to pick up the mic and make a joyful noise to God unapologetically. Between the ages of seven and twenty-five, Jake performed various gospel raps at local events and concerts, earning a name for himself and recognition in the community. Now at the age of twenty-six, Jake Juvell has his mind set out to expand past his local communities and spread the word of God through his music on a global scale, aiming to lift and inspire others to seek and praise God. Psalm 109:30 KJV I will greatly praise the Lord with my mouth; yea, I will praise him among the multitude.




Hip-Hop / Rap

Artist Statement

This song is about choosing a side..the Lord's or the Devil's. It is a call asking for those who are ready to stand up and fight for the Lord, in these last days of time.

This song is "spiritual warefare" themed and the video reflects aspects of that.

How it fits into contest

The song is on the topic of "Spiritual Warefare" and Ephesians 6 is quoted in my second verse.


Writer/Lyricist/Performer: Jacob "Jake Juvell" Powell

Producer: Richie Beatz

Director: Christophe Vancutsem from Post Play Production

Cast Members:

Fredrick Malcolm
Brian Ettienne
Gregory Anderson
Daniel Davis
Tyrone Swaray
Jaleesa Malcolm
Asher Greenidge
Harriette Greenidge

Transcript / Lyrics


Who's on the side of the Lord ?

Tell me who's ready for war?

Though they are many the foes and the enemies know we got plenty in store

Who's on the side of the Lord?

Tell me who's ready to fight?

Those that will lay down their life in the name of the Christ is there any in sight?

Who's on the side of the Lord?

Tell me who's ready for war?

Verse 1:

Choose a side, choose a side

This right here is do or die

Yeah I'm talking truth or lie

This right here what got my brother crucified

Whereby only few abide

Only who believe and group and unify

Against the many who despise look around and see it's many who defy

So back out my way

I don't surround with who lacking of faith

I don't get down with the slack and the fake

Who gon' turn on their God that's a slap in the face

Ain't nothing changing from back in the days

They attached to their ways it's the saddest to say

Very same reason the malice, it came

I'm tryna' break from a habit of pain

I got the truth so I'm cracking the safe, will I sell it? Indeed I'm not

Be not afraid of their scowling faces and father please be my rock

Give ear oh shepherd up there up in heaven and father please lead thy flock

Even who worship in spirit and truth and no nothing of lesser I'm posing the question


Verse 2:

Tell me who ready

I walk through the valley where shadows is deadly

Where ain't no delight any smiles or confetti

Where dressing as sheep but do howl is many

This ain't a figment limitless spiritual wickedness thirsting for dollars and pennies

And in addition they seek the position of almighty God the creator of every oh how they offend me

Like how they so bold to dare it?

I got the sword of the spirit

I got the feet shod got the breastplate got the whole appearance

I got the helmet I got the shield of the faith to oppose their arrows

So where are their mighty men?

Won't leave a sign of them

David, Goliath them

Tell me what side you is


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