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We are the Galvez Sisters: Isuly and Isara, Isuly is 16 years old and I am 19. We love Yeshua and God, we love arts and spending time together, and people usually ask us if we are twins despite the age difference. As children, we found a way to worship God, and it was through dance; we love to use our instruments like tambourines, streamers, flags, our bodies, and more to show our admiration and devotion to the Lord. We started dancing about ten years ago, then we took Hebrew dance classes. Years later we entered and graduated from the Kairos Dance Academy where we learned dance technically and spiritually. We have our church dance group, called "Shalom" where more girls dance together to our God, and we are also part of Kairos Mexicali Ministries. We have learned that being a worshipper is not just when we are dancing but is a lifestyle where we have to honor God in everything we do.




Dance - Modern

Artist Statement

We believe that dance is a powerful way to communicate - to express. In “Overcoming”, the girl's thoughts disturb her, and as she tries to fight them off, help from heaven descends, but she resists because she thinks she can do it all alone. We all need to surrender and pray for help to raise and stand firm in God, and he will fight for and with us.

The flags you will see in this dance have a breaker anointing; one of them has a sword of fire on it and the other has a Shofar. When we use this instrument, it means spiritual victory and establishing on high the name of our Lord. Such a very powerful instrument which we were very honored to include in our artwork.

We had an inner battle to do this dance, we almost didn’t do it because our first idea had to be changed, but with the support of people around us and God’s help, we manage it to do it and didn't give up. And throughout the making and filming of this dance we could see the hand of the Lord over us all the time. We hope you can see and feel that too, and we are so glad to share this work with all of you!

How it fits into contest

We read Ephesians 6 many times and decided to go the way of metaphor. How to express these specific and wonderful words that Pablo wrote in the form of dance?. The spiritual battle described there, we represent it with our movements, and the armor of God is the help that comes to fight together.

There is a keyword in the passage: "stand", and the truth is that God knows that these battles are not easy, so even if it seems that you can faint, it's all about standing firm(praying and reading and living the Bible) and coming out victorious.

Dancing with the correct intention and authority can set free many things in the spiritual field. It is a tool for us as God's children to fight against who or what wants to keep us apart from him. We wanted to approach the spiritual battle from our experience as followers of God. Usually, our battles are against our inner self, which wants to oppose listening to the voice of God and doing his will. We must stand firm on the rock who is Yeshua(Jesus), even in our darkest moments, when we feel like we can't take it anymore.

God is always there to help us overcome our struggles and trials if we let him. His love and mercy is incomparable. Just as we can see in the dance, when God's help (dressed in white) comes in with the flags, to fight and give strength to the girl. In the end, she overcome the battle, and her garments become white. As is written in Revelation 3:5: "Those who emerge victoriously will wear white clothing like this. I won't scratch out their names from the scroll of life, but will declare their names in the presence of my Father and his angels".


Dancers: Isara Galvez Estrada , Isuly Galvez Estrada
Video and editing: Yosei Galvez, Alfredo Prieto
Parents: Saul & Leticia Galvez

Music / Sound Sources

Music by:
Artist: Patrick Patrikios | Track: The Battle of 1066

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