Artist bio

My name is David I am 31, a little over a year ago I almost died from an asthma attack and was sedated in a hospital for 2 week as I recovered from loss of oxygen to my brain. Some of these thoughts mentioned in my spoken word were things I battled through upon waking in the hospital. The setting of the video is my living room as it is a major battlefield everyday as my mind and heart war with the unknown and the past as God reveals to me the battles ahead in the promise land He is taking me to. My other team member is Evan, she is the one recording and was right there with me every step away while I was in the hospital and during recovery and also is my partner in missionary ministry as we follow the Lords calling across the world and in the US.


A gaze upon the hilltop.



Artist Statement

This monologue/ spoken word comes from the creative standpoint of coming before the father on a hilltop like how Jesus would to spend time in prayer and preparation. In this time God is going over preparations with me yo extinguish doubt and worry covering me with His armor and teaching me to use my testimony to double check and make sure my armor is not just on but secured as I rise equipped for the battle that lay ahead to claim the land He has promised to me.

How it fits into contest

It’s a written image of the day to day battle of putting on the armor securely to protect ourselves in battle from the enemy but also from our own mind and heart and past.


David Irvine, myself. Wrote the piece and spoke it on video.

Evan Anderson, recorded it for me and encouraged me greatly to do this.

How to Purchase this Artwork

Digital copy

Transcript / Lyrics

All of it is in English and I added pictures of my writings.

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