Artist bio

Javaughn Lewis was born in the beautiful island of Jamaica, the birthplace of reggae and irie vibes. He developed a passion for creative expression through visual arts, photography, and videography from an early age. A zealous entrepreneur, Lewis currently operates a small business dubbed Supreme Digital Production (SDP). He offers superb services in videography, photography, and graphic design. Supreme Digital Production also specializes in digital augmentation which is a unique extension to graphic design. As a dedicated artist and media professional for over five years, Javaughn has successfully completed his Bachelor's degree at the University of Technology, Jamaica where he earned a BA in Communication Arts and Technology. Lewis gave his heart to Jesus in April 2009 and has been committed to the cause of Christ since his transition. Spirited, committed and enthused, Lewis puts Christ first in all that he does with the hope that his contribution through art and expression will change lives.





Artist Statement

The performance illustrates the other side of the Spiritual battle. There are those who win and there are those who lose. We are introduced to women's story. It presents a possible end to the struggle. What if we do not fulfilled the call issued? What if we choose to forsake the word of God in a bid to fulfill the lusts of the flesh? What if we were to lose this battle we are called to fight? The performance looks at that ending. Though we hope that as many as possible will endure to the end, Jesus forewarns us that broad is the road and wide is the path that leads to destruction and many there be that find it. The performance is a wake-up call to non-Christians and a reminder to Christians. A happy ending only comes when we live and fight for Christ.

How it fits into contest

The piece takes the scripture and applies it to a possible reality. There are many that will not win the Spiritual battle that we are called to fight. The stark truth of this scripture is presented; if we fail to fight the good fight of faith, darkness is our destination. It delineates the importance of fighting to the end. It encourages us to take heed to the Ephesians 6 text. Substandard Christianity is not acceptable. Many of us go to church one day for the week and forget God for the rest but as the scriptures says obedience is better than sacrifice. God is not interested in rituals, He is interested in committed warriors for Christ. At the end of the day there are two results coming out of this fight. You win or you lose. Yes, we want everyone to win but we must remind each other of the dire consequences of losing the fight.


Directed by
Javaughn Lewis

Produced by
Javaughn Lewis

Written by
Javaughn Lewis

Filmed by
Superb Digital Production

Jhenelle Lewis

Edited by
Javaughn Lewis

Music/ SFX Credit
The Dread | Scary Background Music Copyright Free
by Copyright Free Music - that's actually good

Ghostly whispering - Sound effect BY Soundsnap

Horror Ambience (Free Background Music)
by ESN Productions

How to Purchase this Artwork

You can purchase copies of this artwork by contacting me at

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

Supreme Digital Productions Offers: videography, photography, graphic design and digital augmentation/digital art.

Transcript / Lyrics

It was my life. I lived it. I loved it. I was 23. You can’t blame a girl for having fun. Don’t get me wrong, I was in church every Sunday. Sang the same songs you sing. Read the same bible you read. My head was in the right place but my heart had different ideas. I was called to the front line of this battle from an early age. I had no traumatic experience that pushed me anywhere. What I had was a choice. And I chose. See, when you let sin in it never wants to leave and when the devil asks for an inch what he actually means is a mile. He seduces you (shhh) and sucks you in… God is a forgiving God... tells you exactly what you want to hear and after listening to him over and over and over. Full of grace and mercy... He’s all you can hear. He’ll take you back.

I never knew it would end this way. Just one last time… I never knew it would end so quickly. One minute I was staring into the head lights of a truck and the next I was at his feet. I told Him, I told Him, I told Him, I wanted to do what is right, I wanted to do what is right, but I just didn’t have the strength …or maybe I did….but I couldn’t, I couldn’t admit it……because when you admit it, the guilt becomes unbearable….but I wanted to do what was right but it was my life. I lived it. I loved it but I regret it.

Not all stories have a happy end. Now I find myself in this place of darkness, of nothingness. The only thing I hear now are my mistakes. Every time God reached out to me and I turned my back. This place of emptiness. This place of darkness.

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