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I am Carla, Theatrewriter and producer, i became a christian through visiting a christian theatreplay (without words) The images and story never left my heart, and i felt les to undertake the same ministrt. I have spend the last 30 years writing and performing (with a company of danscers and actors) plays that i wrote, for specific times and countries. we travelled intesively in holland playing at schools, prions events of all kinds and also in europe . we experience that through the beauty people are very willing to come and ask about the gospel. i use many living statues in our shows and these draw people in becauze of the craft and stillnes of story. we love to show Gods love through the plays direct or indirect.


Love your enemy



Artist Statement

I like to create living statues with concepts from the Bible, word jezus said or about names of God. The stillness and different poses draw people in and show a message without words.
This living statue is for times as these where people hate eachother for no reason and even christians join in this battle of opinions.
The statues shows 2 very different men, one businesman and a punk-type-of-guy. The man shoots 3 arrows in the back of the young man( this could be; contempt, slander or righteousness of opnion). The young man turs to ask why, he did it while the other is expecting to be beaten up. Instead surprisingly, the young man chooses a different, remarkable reaction. He forgives, thus de-escalating to situation that the older man, who did not expect this responds too, in choosing love instead of fighting.
i chose to create them in bronze, to show the earthly colours , and to show the dirt in between the bronze, symbolic to mankind.

How it fits into contest

It shows that we are not to fight eachother, but that we can be aware that there is a spiritual world. When we respond in the ways of jezus, it is very hard, but then we do not cooperate with the ways of the enemy. We are warriors for Christ and in forgiving others we have a great tool to show people the love of God for them.


Sabine Nieuwenhuizen, videografy
Richard van der Lans, actor
Peter Postma, actor
Stichting Arts Alive, supporting my work

How to Purchase this Artwork

We perform with living statues on many events, mostly in the Netherlands. This costs 450 eu plus travell expenses

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

We do sell posters and canvasses about our work and also paintings by Carla,

Music / Sound Sources

Royalty-Free Music | High-Quality Tracks by Envato Elements

Transcript / Lyrics

i have no word in the performance sung or spoken
The only words that we use are written;
There is an amazing book, that says love your enemy.

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