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JaMark McGuire aka "JayTheHitz" is a 2020 graduate of Creekside High School in Fairburn, GA. He is a Junior Deacon and faithful member of Freedom Christian Center. "JayTheHitz" is an Artist and Entertainer who performs Hip Hop, R&B, Popping, Mime and Gospel Praise Dancing. He loves music and also enjoys rapping, producing, making beats and editing videos.


New Clothes



Artist Statement

For young people, this is an example that Hip Hop is not just for the world, but to praise God as well. You can "turn up" for Jesus and have fun in the process. God would not have given you the gift if he did not want you to use it for His glory.

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The "Armor of God" IS our "New Clothes". No matter what you have been through, you can still turn to God. When you give your life to Christ, you put on your new clothes, which is the Armor of God.


JaMark McGuire aka "JayTheHitz" - Dancer/Artist Mr. 2-17 - Writer, Producer, Recording Artist Deborah McGuire - Videographer

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Live and other performances are available by request for Hip Hop, Mime and Praise Dancing. Please see following for contact information. Instagram: @JayTheHitz Twitter: @JayTheHitz YouTube: @JayTheHitz Email:

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