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My name is Calynton Colbert Blake, I was born in Savanna-la-mar, Westmoreland Jamaica. I grew up in a family music ministry where I learned to play a number of instruments. I became interest in poetry in high school where I studied the arts. I matriculated to Northern Caribbean University where I earned my Bachelors of Music in Vocal Pedagogy and Performance. I now live with my wife Tyasha, in Montego Bay where I teach Music and Visual arts at Montego Bay High School. I am in the process of starting my own studio (Blake's Music House) where I will produce music and teach voice. In my spare time I enjoy writing poetry, and staying physically active any way I can.




Spoken Word

Artist Statement

I knew about this competition for about four months, but I was hesitant to enter because I know that I lack the recourses to produce the high quality video that I would much prefer to this one. However, after much thought, I decided to set my phone camera up in a convenient and quiet area and presented my poetry. I believe that the simplicity of the video matched with the spoken word would allow for a more concentrated approach towards listening and viewing. I tried to make it interesting by being myself, and especially bringing out the the exciting, compelling and expressive sides of me. Consequently, the creation process was quite simple, seeing that all I had to work with was my phone. I used a digital software on my laptop to try and add some professionalism to the video and did my best with the little experience I have in video editing to make it come off as good as I could.

How it fits into contest

The idea of my poem was to make known the spiritual battle that we are actually fighting, or at least highlight some parts of it. I explored how many times we have been caught up in the great controversy between good and evil even on a daily basis. I didn't only show how the individual was being affected in this battle, but show how others around us are also being affected. The point is shown that we have a part to play in this battle, whether we know it or not and whether or not we choose to fight in it. We are already a part of a battle that we have no control over, but to choose the side we are fighting for because we must fight and if we choose to fight alongside God, using his armory and weaponry against the enemy, then we will be victorious!


Calynton Blake

Transcript / Lyrics

Fight, a word that been used for centuries sending believers to cemeteries some down on their knees,
Good or bad, you’ll either be happy or sad when this word is echoed. Will you come out rejoicing or will tears be flowing on the battlefield mixed with the blood of your enemies and your friends.
Fight, maybe you’ll say you have no part in this word, but to say that is to say you were not born in this world.
I want you to imagine stepping on to a battlefield, you’re wearing your armor of steel and a helmet to protect your head, now take up your shield and watch out for your life.
Now this battlefield is no ordinary battle field, I want you to listen closely to men fighting for their lives, fighting alongside or against their wives.
I want you to look at that child with the rope around her neck and she’s about to jump, because her father is not the father he’s supposed to be.
I want you to step onto this battlefield and look across at that policeman who is going to shoot that boy because of the color of his skin.
Now hurry, hurry and duck! They’re coming to suck the life out of you with their false doctrines, false Christ and their lies!!
Try running over to that rock and try to hide! But it will do you no good! This battle is also inside. Inside of you!
It’s all the moments you’ve tried to go to church but something is always in the way! But that voice kept saying TODAY TODAY! It’s all those times your family was being torn apart and from the start you know in your heart that you’ve tried!
This battle is inside of you! It’s that time when you felt like you had to give up and there was no hope. But something kept pushing you to go on! The times you can’t go any more and these voices in your head begin to get louder and now it’s like a tug of war! It’s that moment you’re trying to take your own life, tired of the strife.
I want you to imagine that this battle field is earth your home, where searching for good is hard even with a fine tooth comb. You’re in a battle where no one you can see have the power to stop any of this, and all this evil is so hard to miss.
Imagine we’re all just puppets with two puppeteers,
One controlling the good and one controlling the bad, one wants you to be happy one wants you to be sad, on one side there is hope on the other no hope at all, and one side you can stand on the other side you will fall!
Now I want you to stop imagining because what you’re imagining is real!
Will you choose an armor of steel or put on an armor of righteousness,
Now you may think you have no part in this, but you’ve been recruited since the day you took your first breath! Now you have to choose will it be life or death!
This is not your typical war! There is no win, lose or draw! There is only God! And in this battle his side only comes out winning!
Even in a world where we’re sinning we will come out rejoicing singing and angels will have to fold their wings when we finally march home to glory because the battle will be won and God will say it is done! We will leave this battlefield without a purple heart or some fancy medallion! But you my great warrior will get a crown with stars because you have fought a good fight!!!!
Be strong In the Lord and in his mighty power, fight against the evil of this world, and withstand the darkness that will befall you! Having done all that to stand, tie God’s truth around you so that the wicked will know that you have the shield of faith! When you open your mouth, make bold the mystery of the gospel! You should be God’s warrior! Now choose a side, because either way, you will fight!

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