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Kia K.Jules Also known Creatively as 'Kia Rymz' is a female Christian Recording Artist and Spoken Word Lyricist from the beautiful Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. Kia began her journey in the arts at a very young age but officially launched her career as a music artist and spoken word lyricist in the year 2016 with the release of her debut Spoken Word and Hip-hop fusion E.P album Entitled “Victorious”. Kia has release a number of projects since, including her original Christian Pop singles entitled 'Feelings, Circles, Motions and Arise', just to name a few. Kia has also written and performed numerous spoken word pieces in her country and has traveled for ministry in some other Caribbean countries as well as the U.S.A where her ministry continues to exceed the expectations of her audience and is always very well received by all those who experience her Live and Direct. Currently, Kia has many new projects on the horizon and vows to continue to allow God to use her mightily in each one, as she seeks to continually inspire and impact her generation with her lifestyle and ultimately to win souls through her Art. Meriaha St. Louis is a Christian male certified producer and musician from the Caribbean Island of Saint Lucia. Meriaha has performed numerous Musical compositions for many well known music artists in Saint Lucia and abroad, and is well distinguished in the field of music. Meriaha continues to assist others in making great musical compositions for both local and international artists behind the scenes, as he continues on his journey in enhancing Gods kingdom by using his musical gifts to help others.


Flesh Vs. Spirit


Spoken Word

Artist Statement

The Process in creating this piece was quite simple yet extraordinary. The concept in itself was quite similar to an original piece I composed in the past. But with a few changes, I reshaped this artwork into an even bigger masterpiece to better and boldly capture the vision that was presented to me and more importantly to bring forth the essence of the highlighted scripture in Ephesians 6:10-20.

Overall, It was an extremely smooth process to fit this piece into my cannon of work, although I had a few set backs as far as the video's visuals are concerned, I am happy that I was able to use my voice as a 'visual instrument' to be able to tell this story in a very real and personal way to my audience, where my 'literal' visuals lacked. Ultimately, this would allow my audience to see the visuals as they listen to my voice throughout this piece.

Similarly, I was quite happy that I was able to utilize all the tools, knowledge and the experience I gained from executing my prior pieces, to be able to construct and execute the layout and Body of work in this spoken word piece, in order to beautifully capture the vision for this Art Work. Above all else, I am Extremely grateful and delighted at the opportunity to use my gifts to serve God in this way, and I look forward to effectively impacting and ministering to others particularly with this body of work.

How it fits into contest

Explanation of the Art Work:

This Spoken Word Piece encompasses the Spiritual Battle and struggles between the two Rivals the ‘Flesh’ and the ‘Spirit.’ It also highlights the themed verse in Ephesians 6:12 and also verses 14-17 to further bring home the points made and conveyed throughout the piece.

The poem in its entirety depicts a wrestling match, between the two rivals and It begins with three significant battles taking place, in which the voice of the Flesh is wrestling with the voice of the Holy Spirit in each battle.
Eventually they both come to a head, where an official fight takes place. It is during this fight, that things take a sudden turn, when the Flesh has a significant realization of who it’s truly been fighting against, the entire time. Once the flesh identifies its true enemy, the Flesh then begins to use appropriate measures for battle. Gaining the Spirit as its new ally, and inevitably its shield and Weaponry, as depicted in scripture, the flesh then battles its true enemy, ‘The Devil’.

The battle ultimately ends in the Spirit being Victorious, also making the Flesh victorious, but not without leaving the flesh with a brand new epiphany, of the true Saving and Redeeming Power and the Supernatural Countenance of the Holy Spirit, which is also another significant highlight of the encompassing scripture in Ephesians 6:10-20.


Writer: Kia K. Jules
Audio Performance: Kia K.Jules
Music: Meriaha St. Louis & Kia K. Jules -(Meriaha assisted in the composition of the instrumental for this piece.)
Visuals: Kia K. Jules

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Transcript / Lyrics

Flesh Vs. Spirit- (The Spiritual Battle)
Written by: Kia K. Jules {a.k.a Kia Rymz}

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,
Coming straight from the very realms of heaven...
Also known as the holy Trinity, three in One Please help me welcome the Omnipotent, Omnipresent Holy Spirit!...

And coming straight from the Pits of Hell,
With a relentless desire for pleasures of this world,
To gain everything in it and make you lose your own soul,
Please help me welcome...You own Flesh!...

Welcome to the battle between your flesh and The Spirit...
This which you are about to witness is not for the weak heartened. But let those who are ready witness this battle.

Round One:
My flesh says…
“I’m so tired this life, its like i'm cursed or something, so i'm just gonna kill myself.”

Spirit says...
“Stop!, delight in me and I will grant you the desires of your heart. I will give you complete victory over your situation. But be Patient. And watch me!

Round Two:
My flesh says…
“ I’m so In Love and how can I resist that body though, and besides I’ve abstained for most of my life so God you can understand, this one time right?”

Spirit says…
“Let this go! And don't lust after them, I will give you a husband or a wife who mirrors me and who will love you unconditionally, But be self controlled. And watch me!

Round Three
My flesh says…
“ I want what I want. Even if this means I gotta kill to get it. If I can’t have it, I’ll take it!”

Spirit says...
“Don’t you take anything that does not belong to you. seek me and every other thing shall be added unto to you. And just Love your neighbor, And watch me!

And so the war begins…
And you throw a punch and you duck one too, And You're Kicking and screaming at the top of your lungs “Help!!!”....Until you're, completely broken, backs against the wall, stooping down in a corner with your hands over your head begging him to “Stop! Stop!”, hurting me, pleading with him to “Stop!...” hitting, because you can't win.
And you can't look up...not yet...not now... too soon. His gunning for his last punch and you know...this might be the end!
And just like that, you’re out! almost life less.

And the crowd begins to scream, Get up! Fight! Wake up! And as you lay there in the ring almost lifeless, you realize that you can’t get up, not on your own, you're not strong enough.

And so you begin to speak in your mind.
And while you’re laying there almost lifeless, it is in that moment you realize that You…
Wrestled not against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this age , and spiritual wickedness in high places.
And The only thing that can wake you up now is the Spirit.

And so the devil thinks he’s won, and he prances around you Whispering,
“Oh how foolish you were to fight against me with your flesh. Haha”

And in that moment, you call on the Spirit with everything inside of you. And you can feel yourself rising fully armed with Dangerous Weaponry.

You are now Wearing…

The belt that causes destruction of lies, And exposes the epitome of Truth.
Shielded on your Chest is a Supernova ‘S’ Marked with the Breastplate of Righteousness.
He hides his tremble because Your Feet is unmovable, Bruised up in pieces, but set in the Gospel of Peace.
Body Shielded by wired lens of Faith that dismantles every unidentified object that he so flies your way.
Gaged by The Helmet that secures your Head, Where your mind rests on pillars of assurance for your Salvation.

And finally, You raise up that Double Edged Sword, Where you can see the reflection of the Unchanging, Unfailing, All powerful, Saving, Living, Breathing, Word of God!

As you rebuke the devil’s lies. He crumbles before your eyes. He hates what you speak but falls at your feet, You are victorious!

One! Two! Three! Devil Defeated!

As you make your exit, it is there that you can clearly see,
That the fruits of your Flesh were sexual immorality, lustfulness, selfishness, drunkenness, envy and idolatry.

But the fruits of the Spirit are Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self control, And as long as your armor remains tightly fastened, and drenched with these fruits, Victory will forever be your Crown.

So ladies and gentlemen, Give it up for the real M.V.P. The One and Only, Creator, Sustainer, Protector, The Champion of the Universe, from the beginning of our Genesis to the ending of our Revelation, The One and Only Holy Spirit!!!

Written by: Kia K. Jules.

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