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My name is Dantia Windmon. I am a Christian Spoken Word Artist and Rapper. I love God and his people. I currently have a couple of poems on YouTube. I have a whopping 16 subscribers ... hopefully this competition can help me get those numbers up. I would still use my gifts for God even if I only had one follower, as long as He can get the glory... that is all that I’m concerned about.




Spoken Word

Artist Statement

It took the Holy Spirit and I 4 months to write this poem. The video is simplistic in design; however, I wanted the words to be the art. I wanted the words to transport the listener into different times in histories and long ago centuries to allow the listener to have a vivid portrait of how God see’s them. In this video I wanted the listener to know that like the video they can be stripped bare of all the hurtful words people have spoken over them and to them. In order to do that, I had to first start with a blank canvas... this video is that blank canvas. The video’s simplistic nature allows the words truly to be the shining stars throughout this piece.
This work fits into my canon of work because it truly uplifts God’s people which I want to be the character and signature mark of all my work.

How it fits into contest

I was in an abusive relationship.Where at times I felt like, why doesn’t he love me? Why is he calling me horrible names... when he vowed to love, honor, and cherish me. This poem is a true testament of Ephesians 6:10-20. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood... to paraphrase but we are dealing with spirits in those people who sole intent is to kill our dreams, hope, and future. So like Ephesians 6:10-20 says we are to put on the whole armor of God by reading His word. So when the enemy says, “We are pathetic,” we can respond like I did in this poem! No I’m not pathetic, but I am powerful and deeply loved by God! I AM God’s Masterpiece, thank you.


Dantia Denise Windmon- Director, Producer, and Spoken Word Poet

How to Purchase this Artwork

Available on YouTube. However, I will come minister this poem at your church or event for about $500 (negotiable). You can message me on all Social Media outlets Dantia Denise Windmon. As a full time minister and musician all financial proceeds are poured back into my art. Thank you.

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

I will be releasing a new single really soon called “My God Reigns.” Please be on the lookout for that song on all of your music distributing outlets. Thank you.

Transcript / Lyrics

Dear Lord,
Thank you for allowing me to be the blank page in which you complete your masterpiece. Leonardo had the Mona Lisa, Beethoven the ninth Symphony, but you completed me. Feeling like inspiration for Bruno Mars because when I smile, Bruh’ when I smile...the whole world stops and stares for a while. The earth stops spinning momentarily on its axis; Colgate she pay me because my pearly whites cause accidents, stop traffic. My intelligence confuses the likes of Einstein, my creativity rivals the pyramids of Giza... starry constellations are seen in the twinkle of my eyes. I am not yours but His, purity drenched, Holy Ghost filled tongue-talking sister. When God made me he broke the mold, no title of supermodel because honestly; honestly, I never really got around to the head shots... but what a sight to behold. Christ demonstrated His blood, I mean His love for me at Calvary... so bae you don’t have to tell me I’m to die for because I already know! When I walk, it’s like poetry in motion hips, lips, and fingertips. Man, I got it going on! Registered nurse in the making, vital sign taking, singer, song writer, poet, worshiper above all else. No I’m not conceited I just know who I am in Christ Jesus. Oh how you love for me to walk around with my head down, condemned to the past failures of yesterday, but winners like me, turn to your neighbor and say winners like me... winners like me focus on the future and learn from
the past. Old Rafiki from Lion King said, “You can either run from it or learn from it,” and I choose to learn. I choose me today, tomorrow, and forever.
Moving forward, no longer will I date guys that don’t sound like my heavenly dad. No, my Heavenly Father, has never likened me to a garden tool. When you said pathetic God said priceless possession. When they said pitiful, God said powerful. When the world says not enough, God said more than enough!!! I am a conqueror! All I do is win, win, win no matter what! I am Xena, God’s warrior princess. So, the next time you reminisce and try to think of words to describe me ... start with the 11 letter noun Masterpiece. Thank you.

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