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born and raised in ny, julio a. ortiz jr. is a husband, father, preacher, poet, and stylist who’s mission is to see every generation become greater and more in tune than the last. whether it’s through the scriptures, spoken word, or fashion, every move is a means to push others forward to realize who they are in Christ. having the opportunity to travel the country doing full time ministry since 2013 and linking with different ministries he has been able to see ministry grow and have impact far beyond what could’ve been imagined. the main focus for julio, is to continue the work so those coming behind him will have an example to surpass.


The Message


Spoken Word

Artist Statement

as a minister, God has given me a unique ability to fuse His word with the preaching moment. this piece is a culmination of just that, the two art forms merging and admonishing those who will hear to take heed. this moment is a modern day adaption of the scene in isaiah 6, at his own commissioning. it is the moment where God commands our attention to receive the word that will change the world. thus, it is “the message”.

How it fits into contest

this piece is a call to the believers to understand the fight we face and turn away from the deadly love affair of compromise.


director/videographer: trent falls
supporting cast: monique ortiz (soloist), quientrell burrell (organist)

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minister, live spoken word, stylist, graphic design

Transcript / Lyrics


brothers, sisters, christians lend me your ears because right here right now there's something I need you to hear. so please clear your distracted hearts and allow God to speak. Because through His Spoken Word this spoken word is spoken prophetically. But I need you to understand me, this prophet has not come to predict your monetary prosperity but to proclaim that we are suffering from a spiritual disparity. See our quest for popularly in this world has blinded us from the clarity of our Father's Will and we sit idly still as we compromise our Christianity. With no urgency in our walk, and bad intentions in our talk we begin to blend into 50 shades of Christian Grey. Chained and shackled allowing the enemy to have his way and we've got the nerve to say it feels good. Because every nerve ending that's touched strokes my ego and it feels good. Because every time my ego is fed my flesh grows stronger and it feels good. I wish we still could really hear from heaven but the voice of the Sovereign One has become foreign like an exchange student since we have exchanged our place as students of His Word. No longer are we lovers of His truth, cause it hurts. And we're caught up in this lie affair with the world, cause it works. We can't face the mirror of His Scripture as it shows, our dirt. So we're content with this dirty mirror selfie as it distorts, our worth. Yea, click take a pic pose for the camera. Wear that facade that hides the sin behind the glitz and the glamour. Wait, add a filter to it, I want them all to clamor about how perfect I am. You see, we'll sell our soul for 100 likes cause every man has his price. So you might as well Call me Judas as I sell my Jesus for 30 pieces of silver and watch as I hang myself from the tree of guilt knowing I gave my savior up. Yet he still insisted on saving us. What is greater than our Savior's love? What has more power than my Savior's blood? We need to dive deep in the flow of Emanuel's veins and see how it wakes us up. See how it shakes us up. See how it breaks us up. Then see how it shapes us up. But we rather stay crooked like a bad hairline, denying the fact that we are beyond repair when we walk our own line, forgetting the path has already been paved. Don't you want to walk in your destiny? Or would you rather wander in the wilderness like the Israelites after the Red Sea complaining about the promised land journey remembering how it used to be... Back in Egypt. It seems like we enjoyed being slaves even though Christ has come to set the captive free but somehow we forgot. So you can call this proclamation a declaration of your emancipation. Juneteenth for this Christian. As a matter of fact let this serve as your freedom papers that have been stamped with a signature that can't be erased. No longer will you be known as you are, your former life has been replaced, the harsh penalty of working for the enemy no longer do you face since the Rose of Sharon took your place... On the cross. Suffered the shame for you, gave up His name for you, bore all the pain for you. Stop acting like its a game to you. This was a war that was fought for you. Blood was spilled, a life given up. And you still walk around as if amazing grace hasn't cured your blindness. Open your eyes. See how the SON shines as He sits at the right hand of the Father. He now has the name above every name because He knew His obedience was greater than the sacrifice... And He did it for you. So we could have life after life. Death has no dominion in this realm or the next, stand tall in the face of your adversary. he's already been defeated. His army has already been depleted, you don't have to live your life of victory in secret. Let everybody know who's side you're on. They need to see it, need to hear it, need reach it. This world is waiting for you to stand up and lead them. Brothers, sisters, Christians give God your life completely because this prophet will proclaim until He returns, but this is your mission.

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