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Renee C.S Clarke: Wife/Teacher/ Dancer/ Choreographer/ Singer/ Writer/ Athlete A passionate and aspiring Performing Arts Practitioner from the beautiful tri-island of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique, who currently lives in Barbados. Renee holds a Master’s in Philosophy Cultural Studies from the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Barbados. Renee has been dancing for the past 20 years. She has conducted Praise and Worship dance workshops in Barbados, Grenada and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and has also taught Grenadian Folk Dance as a Guest Lecturer at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus. Her desire is to use her research to inform her art and to inform others about Christ. Her desire is to open her own Performing Arts Company whose focus will be on ministry and missions. Renee holds on to the firm belief that worship is a lifestyle and not entertainment, therefore, she seeks to worship God wholeheartedly. Kevin Clarke: Editor/ Videographer Kevin Clarke is a skilled creative in the areas of photography and videography with over a decade of experience in the field. He holds a Masters of Arts in Creative Arts specializing in Art Entrepreneurship. Kevin began volunteering at his church’s vacation bible school as a photographer. In 2012, he began working in video and film and since then has expanded his expertise in television and film projects and documentaries. Some of the organisations he has worked with include, Nation Better Health Magazine, Belle Imagery, HiArt Entertainment Group and UWI TV just to name a few.


Tick Tock


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I had a dream where the Lord told me to be ready and stay ready. Time waits on no one and we as believers are given a mandate to go into the world and share the GOSPEL to ALL NATIONS ( PEOPLE). This piece is a reminder to live a life equipped with the tools that God has given us to defeat the enemy. It alerts us of the distractions of politics, false doctrines, racism and the evil agendas of the enemy.

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Life in itself is a battle, a spiritual one. When we allow the deceitful things of the enemy to manifest in our lives we become hopeless, even those who profess to be Christians.
I want to focus on verse 14 which instructs us to "gird our loins". This phrase epitomizes the importance of readiness, alertness and preparing our minds ( the helmet of salvation) and hearts ( the breastplate of righteousness) to be vigilant against the worker of iniquity ( the enemy).
We live in an age where we see prophecies being fulfilled, and that in itself should allow us to stand firm and hold our ground ( the Word of God) so that we can "resist the enemy in the days of evil".
Lastly, Paul urges us to be bold and courageous, this is a call to speak with integrity. Call out the things that offend the belief of the believer, for example, neglecting to share the gospel, gossiping, homosexuality, abuse, false doctrines and the many other sins that beset us. Jesus controls the times and the seasons, and He is waiting on THE CHURCH ( His children) to suit up and stay ready for when HE returns.


I would like to thank Kevin Clarke for his unwavering support in this venture. Your talents do not go unnoticed.

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Tick Tock, Jesus is coming
And no one knows the hour nor the day,
So, what are we really doing?
Fighting down each other?
Mother against daughters, Fathers against sons!
Congregations bad talking each other and the pastor….
Big Disaster!
Politics becoming poli-tricks
And the church is embracing political incorrectness!
What a mess!
Jesus is coming and our country is straying!
Referendums are changing
And Christian agendas are delaying
To give the world ways to change our perspectives!
Many of us have rejected the word of God
And succumbing to Black Christianity and debates about the colour of our Savior’s skin
And the lost Israelites,
When we should be delighting ourselves in the word of God.
The Church is sleeping
And this social construct call race is taking over our pulpits!
They say we Christians are slaves to the white man
Who brained washed us into Christianity!
They call us fools
But Jesus calls us Sons and Daughters
Because we were inoculated with his DNA!
But, how can we say we are ready when
We are too busy doing the wrong things!
When we get tied up doing the wrong things!
When we say the wrong things!
And when we accidentally touch the wrong things!
Tick Tock, the clock is ticking
And we need to get it Right!
So let us start with the older folk!
The supposedly praying Grandmothers, Grandfathers, parents and pastors!
The youth are in trouble!
We need to bring them home!
The Oppressed!
The Neglected ones!
The Homosexuals!
The confused ones!
The ones with no visions
The ones who faced molestation!
The fornicators!
The Angry ones!
The Broken ones!
Each and every one!
And we need a Joshua generation!
We need some Gideons!
Some Ruths and Esthers!
But most importantly we need the Comforter,

Tick, Tock, the clock is ticking, Will you still be sleeping?

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