Artist bio

Inga H.Brown is a wife and mother of 3 beautiful children. She holds Master’s Degrees in Business Administration and Human Resource Management and undergrad in Marketing. Her greatest accomplishment would be when she accepted the Lord as her personal savior at the tender age of eight. Despite the demands of her profession, Inga remains active within her community using her gifting to glorify God. God has truly given her a heart for people and she shares her gifts in the area of charities and foundations in her neighborhood of St. Maarten. She is presently a coordinator at Dance and Arts Dimensions Academy and pioneered the first Youth Expo in St. Maarten in 2012. She also started LTA, Lifetime Teachers’ Award, honoring all the educators on the island for all the efforts made daily to groom children into responsible adults since 2014. In 2017, after the passing of Hurricane Irma which left the island structurally devastated and many people homeless. Inga along with a group volunteers started Christmas Helping Angels every Christmas for children who were affected. Her hobbies include writing, dancing and speaking. She enjoys spending time with youths and young adults and does this through motivational speaking engagements. Sharing the gospel, giving business tips, accountability, education and responsibility are among some of her favorite topics to discuss.




Spoken Word

Artist Statement

This spoken word depicts why we should never give up as Christians. We have come to the understanding that in spite of our situation there is a mighty God who is always fighting for us and with us. Our weapons are to be always sharpened. We are not to let our guard down because our weapons are not carnal but mighty. One of our goals in this spiritual battle is to pray that unbelievers to come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal savior.

This spoken word was given by the Holy Spirit seeing that I have not written poetry for quite some time. It was just sidelined by life. For some reason the topic resonated with me and I felt lead by the Holy Spirit to start again. To start was the hardest, but once I felt the leading of the Holy Spirit the words began to flow and flow until the poem was over 7 minutes long. I had to cut it down and down to meet the time limit. I am very proud of what the Holy Spirit and I were able to accomplish in such a very short period of time. Yes, Jesus Christ has won!

How it fits into contest

I believe that God has given us the ultimate guide, The Holy Bible and by whatever means possible (listening audio, reading, memorizing, mediating and or studying) we need to get the word of God in our hearts so when the enemy comes and he will, we can use the right word at the right time that will pierce the darkness. (This can include a loss soul, a person struggling with forgiveness, those with addictions). As Christians are to pray and believe that they will come to the know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We cant just look at their physical being, flesh and blood, but at the spirits that may be holding them in bondage. We must believe and pray that their souls can and will be saved.


Raoel and Gersha Tjaaroeme - Video Editors

Transcript / Lyrics

Based on
Ephesians 6:10-20

We Win

Through the pages of time from that great book foretold
A battle will take place between the righteous and the forces of darkness
A spiritual battle where the true warriors will stand strong, fully armed to fight

We all knew this day would come
It was foreseen
It was foretold and now is
Wait... and now is?

With the realization of a monstrosity of a collision about to take place
Only then does it sink in that practice has here and now come to a screeching halt.
As time seems to hold the hour, minute, second hands all together in tightest of grip.
releasing just enough for us to dress up, show out
show what we are made up of
show what we've been training for yearly, monthly, daily, even down to this very second

We were taught by some of the best scholars,
To know every battle move had to be met with swift and precise accuracy
Every swing of the sword had to release a surge of energy
Proclaiming victory and never ever defeat
No second-guessing
This armor, has been prayed into its spiritual place
Yes, in practice on our knees is where we now salute proudly
Our battle cry to stand for Christ and his heavenly army

As the storm grows in the East and powers in the darkest seem to gain ground in the West
God’s army sharpens, deepens its spiritually growth by reinforcing the breast plate of righteousness through that Holy of Holies Book
Yeah, you know the one
Where the words engrained say we’re not to do battle
against our brother, sister or even our neighbor
Why you may ask?
Because this battle is not a physical boxing match
No, this battle surges into the depth of a demonic underground world which is why
We haven’t the time for wishy washy preachers who tend to shy away from the full gospel
of Jesus Christ

You know, the ones who skip over it like sheep jumping a fence
Why? Because there’s plenty of time to come back and train
Sidelining the reality that heaven and hell are just as real as you and I
Peaching around the fact that there are real forces after our souls
Evil sources that want us dead
Yes, dead, not to mention caught in sin in order to join a never ending firry pit

So in this battle as we collide our Lord goes before us and will fight for us
But it’s our spiritual right to know our enemy’s weakness
And yes do kick him while he’s down
Remind the enemy that his position still lies under our feet
Remember, this is a fixed fight where God and His hosts are the ultimate winners
Why? Because we never lose
We always triumph over principalities, against powers,
against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
Our God always leads his chosen people into victory
Never defeat!
And God also promises that to His Kingdom there will be no end
As we grow in numbers and in strength
We refuse to back down
We choose to advance and gain ground on our enemy’s fleeting army
Who knows his time is quickly coming to an inevitable end

Why? Because we are fortified and covered by the blood of Jesus Christ
We march into battle renewed in our minds with our feet prepared with the gospel of peace
holding high the blood stained banner of righteousness
We earnestly pray for lost souls to make the right choice
And enlarge our father’s territory
We choose as Christian soldiers to fight side by side
To send a strong message to this world
That Jesus Christ is the true and living King
What a shout
A great shout of victory in Heaven and on earth
A jubilant shout knowing that our God has heard our plea, our prayer in sincerity
And one more soul was snatched from death into a life of victory
Yes! Jesus Christ has won!

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