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Hailing from the land of wood and water, Jhenelle Lewis is a Public Relations specialist with a burning zeal for the performing arts. Lewis is a graduate of the University of Technology, Jamaica, where she graduated with first class honors having earned a BA in Communication Arts and Technology. Engaged in ministry from a young age, she has been a member of her church choir and a number of performing arts groups including the Jamaica Youth Chorale, Jamaica Musical Theatre Company and the Quilt Performing Arts Company. Baptized at the tender age of ten years old, her life and purpose has been guided by the Word and will of God. A passionate visionary, she strives to become the best version of herself through the help of God and the Holy Spirit.


WORDS/Waiving Depression


Spoken Word

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For the past two years, I’ve been struggling with severe depression. A number of lies were fed to me by the Father of lies and I accepted them without fighting back. I’ve never doubted God’s intention for my life before, but the mental battle I went through challenged everything I knew and loved about God. A little after that, a young relative of mine that I loved dearly went into a season of loss, hurt and depression, much like me. And in my brokenness, God choose me to usher her through it. While helping her to build her trust back in God, the Holy Spirit revealed a lot to me about my very own situation and in the process her healing began and so did mine. I penned these words, reflecting on that time in my life when the sound of the river and God’s Words were the only things that brought me peace. It’s one thing when people fight against you but it’s a whole other level when the enemy turns your own mind and heart against you. It is one of the greatest battle’s I’ve ever experienced and through my relative, witnessed.
Ephesians chapter 6 was a barricade for us both. It helped us to remember who we were in Christ and it helped us to identify what was really taking place in our life: A battle for our souls. This spiritual battle was unseen but felt in the seen. This volume of WORDS reflects on that whole experience. The mind is a powerful place. It is so important that the bible tells us it needs to be renewed DAILY. If we fail to do that, the enemy will find footing in our mind and tear us apart from the inside out. Depression is a sickness of the mind. It is the product of a mind under spiritual warfare. The only way to escape it, is through God and His WORDS. This is the third piece in my WORDS series. The piece stands in the gap for those dealing with depression and mental health issues. It is a reminder to such a one that God is the key to liberation from this. These WORDS are reminder to the struggling Christian. These WORDS are a liberator to those mentally shackled by the enemy. These WORDS are inspired by the Spirit of God from a Girl who has walked the road before and came out uninjured because she allowed God to fight the battle for her.

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This piece is directly built upon Ephesians Chapter 6: 10-20. The aim is to warn against one specific type of spiritual battle: depression. The poem uses the scripture to remind persons that there is only one way to fight the battle of depression and that is by adorning one’s self with the full armour of God. It also touches on our inability to stand firm without God. He is the one who fights the battle for us and it is He alone that speak peace to the storms in our souls.


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Part 1 – The Song
Come wash my soul in di riva’ wata’. Come wash my soul, in di riva wata’. I need a little help. Can’t stand by myself come wash my soul in di riva' wata'.

Part 2 - Spoken Word
To the person struggling with depression,
Coping through repression
I've made you my obsession.

See this battle in your mind
Is meant leave you behind
Trap you in loop
The enemy doesn't want you to stand
He prefers if you stoop

Who's got time for strive with people
When the strive is within
Cut the wrist
End it all
You can't stand
You can barely crawl

I know because I've been there
Been trapped by the prince of the air
Comparing myself to a girl on a screen
Gone so deep, the darkness swallowed my screams

See they think that mental health is a joke
Till you're life goes up in smoke
The devil knows if he's got your mind he's got everything
He doesn't want you to know of the power you have within

You're mind is under spiritual attack
And guess what, your therapist won't tell you that...

The how comes, the what ifs the why is this happening to me

My response to that, Psalms chapter 23

These are more than rhymes,
More than powerful lines
This could just be your sign
Understand God's your only fix
Let me introduce you to Ephesians chapter six

Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty Power
Put on the full armour of God so you can stand in every hour
Depression, oppression are diabolical darts
To begin to explain this to you, I wouldn't even know where to start. This battle that were in wouldn't even know where to start

Just know your depression is not of God
Dont accept it
please reject it...

May these words bring power and light to your life
May these words pierce your very soul
These words are not my words
These words are the words of the Holy Spirit. The Word of God

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