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youth studying at the university of dar es salaam (UDSM) Tanzania, physical education and sport science course. loving drawing, painting, designing and sports. like to socialize and listening music. There is the beauty in arts especially paints and drawings, lucky was i for being born with abilities of playing with the pencil, brush or crayons using them to express ideas in my mind, though not great in it but at list my works can attract one need to know the meaning of the picture. Through my growing i did see a lot of incredible arts, some i could also create them, some are too simple for me, and some are the next level beyond my abilities, but the only thing i discovered is all of the arts are marvelous, awesome and complicated its just the matter of picking the right point of view for your message deliverance.




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Artist Statement

Since the creation of the world God’s love to humankind is real and natural. He created heaven, earth, and hell after his own creation disappointed Him, but still, He didn’t allow harm to humankind by providing ways to overcome the challenges. God’s love surrounds the whole earth, whether you are a sinner or a good person. He leads good people in more good way and bad people into good ways. God’s love is unconditional, according to the drawing it shows that God has covered the whole earth with his hands of grace. He treats all of his people with the same gravity. Showing no one is perfect there is a hand below the earth, it reflects God’s love to the world, despite the sins people make that messes with God’s peace He still holds them using religions (holly books) that shapes man’s faith and discipline towards God and the fellow being as well as spiritual training revealing things during life and afterlife. The bellow hand shows even though God showed love and grace towards humankind still, there are some people who find hell by force by continuing sinning without caring about the purpose of them being created, leading them to hell’s fire where the devil is looking at the bad people joining him into the hell’s fire for the punishment, at time people who are already in hell are crying for mercy, help, and forgiveness. While the other hand reflects good and more good ways people follow that are held by religion throughout the world, guiding people doing good acts leading them to the heaven way and when reaching heaven people are happy, praying and praising, enjoying the fruits of the did goods they have done on earth at their time of living. Therefore, according to Ephesian 6:10-20 God reveals, his grace and love are always surrounding us, we should use his holy words as a weapon to fight against evil in order to archive our way to heaven.

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God has no segregation or favoritism because of one's acts, but He provides the same rate of love and protection to all human beings. God knows the weakness of human beings so He provides His revelations through the holy books and religious teachings as the weapons to fight against evil acts and minds that can lead one to hell. And in the other side using the same holy books words and religious teaching to train human beings spiritually, by strengthening their faiths and teaching them all about LOVE to God as well as to fellow human beings, also God's love to humankind.


My girlfriend who always reminds me to pray at almost every night and that everything on earth before God is possible even the impossible it is just the matter of time because God's love is all over the earth we just need to trust Him, by doing the good acts and efforts. Imagining of the God's love is surrounding the whole earth that is where i got the ideas and come up with the drawing.

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cost: Anny amount that an individual is willing to pay me as his/her
view thinks that amount is what I deserve according to the
work done.
Directions on how to purchase: M-pesa account: 316 TZS, if not
accessible we can conversate and agree on how I can get
the cash.

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Ideas and creativity if needed, and I can be accessed through my email, (

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