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Director and producer in the audiovisual sector then senior executive in high finance between Paris and London, he became a craftsman in the renovation and decoration of apartments before returning to his first love, writing and photography. This constant desire for change to break the protocol of routine will inspire her first novel "Tomorrow I'm leaving" Laurent Leoncini makes many exhibitions around the world with his art photos. He has notably won numerous awards.



"Notre Dame de Paris" in fire


Digital Art

Artist Statement

It is the largest photo in the world of "Notre Dame de Paris" on fire. This photo was taken during the fire on April 15, 2019. It is a composition of 25 photos assembled by computer to make a giant photo of more than 1 billion pixels and which can be printed up to 7 meters without loss of quality. In the background I have embedded the handwritten text of Victor Hugo's novel "Notre Dame de Paris" published in 1831.

How it fits into contest

The photo speaks for itself. Good against evil, water against fire. In this troubled period that we all live where religions clash through men, this photo perfectly represents its confrontations. The symbol of the Catholic religion in France on fire on Easter Monday. So many coincidences that fuel tensions between religions. In this photo we can see the firefighters fighting against the flames of hell. In the middle of this tragic night, the battle between good and evil is being played out. As I took the photos on the bridge, hundreds of worshipers sang hymns all night long. This photo is a testimony of our history on the Catholic religion. She is a symbol of the struggle of men against the flames of hell. Good versus evil.



How to Purchase this Artwork

This photo is limited to 10 copies worldwide and its price is 50,000 euros. It is currently exhibited at the town hall of Paris. You can buy it by contacting me by email or by phone. All information is on my website:

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

I have many other photos on different themes such as freedom or deforestation. You can see it on my website and especially in my virtual museum that you can see either with a computer or with a virtual reality headset. Here is the address of my museum:

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