Reiko Huffman

Artist bio

Reiko Huffman is a Scenic Designer currently located and originally from San Diego, CA. Earlier in Reiko's career, Reiko gained experience working as a freelance Scenic Charge and Scenic Designer for local theatres such as Theater Schmeater, Washington Ensemble Theatre, ArtsWest, New Century Theatre Company, Freehold Theatre, and Book-It Repertory Theatre in Seattle, Washington. Reiko also continued to gain design and technical experience holding positions such as Resident Scenic Charge and Ensemble Member for Washington Ensemble Theatre, Resident Scenic Designer for Theater Schmeater, and Associate Venue Manager/Technical Director of West of Lenin in Fremont, Washington. As a Scenic Designer, Reiko explores intensive and emotionally propelled design. She embraces unconventional prospectives of stories in order to illustrate the complex narratives that lie beneath human words and actions. ​ Currently, at San Diego State University earning her MFA, Reiko has been awarded the Graduate Student Fellowship Award and has designed on campus, MOXIE theatre in San Diego, assisted at Cygnet Theatre in Old Town, and worked at The Old Globe theatre in Balboa Park.




Digital Art

Artist Statement

This piece is aligns with the greater meanings within metaphor and the subconscious. While we all may understand different languages and other forms for communication, one form that remains the strongest is physicality. When the body is overtaken by emotion where words are no longer able to convey emotion, the spirit takes over.

How it fits into contest

The spiritual battle can be largely internal. Much of the battle is within the mind. Having to learn how to cope and make sense of what we read in the scriptures versus what we live day-to-day can contradict each other leaving us with nothing but emotions. At times those emotions become overwhelming leaving us at a crossroads. Ephesians 6:10-20 was then manifested for me into a personification of that internal conflict. We as people constantly are at battle between the truth and the world and just as the spirit speaks for us at times with moans and groans, I feel the body does the same.


Reiko Huffman

How to Purchase this Artwork

This is an original composition. If anyone would be interested in purchasing they can contact me at my email address.

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