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I work as a freelance graphic designer and digital painter , also run a small business of my handicrafts. I've never took any courses in painting or drawing as it used to be the only thing i constantly did since i was a child. I'm experienced in both digital and traditional painting . Though sadly , never took my passion for arts seriously and my enthusiasm for languages and literature as well led me to the path of willingness to know and understand the people , cultures , societies and therefore the world. Because of the political and social conditions of my country and it's inevitable , unjust , consequences , i never dared to share any of my personal works with the outside world and it's only a year or so I've started to finally express myself , ideas and views on matters that i find of great importance through my art .


Stand your ground


Digital Art

Artist Statement

She has come a long way fighting her way to liberation from all the ties which different warfares of society binds human beings to itself. Holding on to her faith , effortlessly protected , vicarious and her hopes all sprouting. The message of this image , is that in the current state of world , a true warrior of truth is someone who stands up , unlearns and relearns and actually does something . Not giving in to the plans of the unknown puppeteers , thus she/he will be protected by the grace of the holy spirit.

How it fits into contest

"Stand your ground" , is the title of my digital painting. The image reveals a young female worker cutting ties from a puppeteering society. I have used mostly symbolic elements , as there is no actual war but everyday struggles in the modern , ill society , and no actual armor , but representions of it's essence. Here I've placed a cross pendant and a peace sign on the front pocket representative of a breastplate, a gardening scissor as the sword, and the helmet is the sun , representing the light of the holy spirit. Also a simple working belt , truthful to her occupation which she's determined to do - planting seeds or how I'd like to put it "planting a better future by the light of the holy one." I wanted the character to be a simple working person like any of us , and why i chose her to be a gardener because i believe farmers and gardeners are healers of the society. What's being fed to us now by which farmer behind those puppeteering hands?
The snakes reminders of "evil forces on heavenly realms" , and tv a tool for them , of course.
That is my interpretation of the armor of god , it is a state of being , the frequency we emit and live in made by the electromagnetic field our body naturally has , our heart and mind (in the first place) can alter it to the state of fear and desperation and basic animalistic form of us , to humiliate all this god given potentials or we can raise above all that is intentionally or unintentionally set to deprive us to become by the righteousness of our will , faith in the mighty one .

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I can help with traditional or digital painting and graphically designing your ideas wether for businesses or personal inquiries.
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